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    Strategic Management Article Review

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    Find a popular press article (or set of articles) that relates to the strategic management process . The article must be from a print-based source (such as The Economist, Fortune, Inc., Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, etc.) and published after January 1st, 2011 and report on a current event unfolding in the business world that is directly related to the strategic management process.

    a) Give a short summary
    b) Discuss the three most important points in the article and how they relate to the strategic management process.
    c) Discuss alternative solutions to the issues or problems presented in the article.
    d) Outline for presentation purpose.

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    a) Short summary:

    I am selecting two articles that discuss issues related to outsourcing. The first article talks about the strategic benefits of outsourcing to an organization, as well as explains the benefits of outsourcing in terms of creating jobs in the home country. The article revolves around the debate related to outsourcing among the politicians and proposes solutions to politicians to create more jobs in the economy.

    The second article provides an overview of the relationship between outsourcing and innovation. It provides an overview of the approach or outsourcing strategy that firms should pursue in order to reap the derive superior performance and value from outsourcing.

    b) The most important points in the first article is the fact that companies do not ...