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"Passing on Strategic Vision" and "Leading Change"

Outline and critique the following articles:

"Passing on strategic vision," by Fiegener, Brown, et al
"Leading change" by Michael Stanleigh

Examine their importance, the issues that the author addresses and brings up, and the literature the authors use to back up their ideas if important. Below are the citations of the two articles.

Fiegener, M. K., Brown, B. M., Prince, R. A., & File, K. M. (1996). Passing on strategic vision. Journal of Small Business Management, 34(3), 15.

Stanleigh, M. (2013). Leading change. The Journal for Quality and Participation, 36(2), 39-40.

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Passing on strategic vision

"Passing on strategic vision," by Fiegener, Brown, et al, looks at companies that prepare successors to take over the company. The study identifies family owned firms and those not family owned and compares them for different ways to prepare successors for the future of the company. These differences can include personal relationships and stakeholder risk in the business.

Recognizing that transfer of power is vital to continued success for a company, this research examined the methods of two types of small businesses, family owned and non family owned companies. The researcher looked at the variables common to both types of companies to identify differences in how succession was handled, including training. Among those were the choice of successor versus choice of successor training, and different preparations methods for successor training to maintain vision and adhere to the strategic plans already in place.

The article includes a literature review, using the information to support the problem questions and make a case to help define the reasoning behind the choice of sampling and methods used. The reader can see the literature is varied, but has many areas that can be further investigated and reviewed for validity. There is no ...

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The passing on strategic vision and leading changes are examined.