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1. The attached article (Performance Review - Get Rid of Them - WSJ 10-20-08.pdf) discusses many of the problems with performance reviews and offers a solution. Do you agree with the author? Why or why not? How would his suggestions work?

2. The attached article describes the HR challenges faced by many low-margin manufacturing facilities (Immigration Raids and meatpackers - PDH 12-7-08.pdf). Are there any observations on this short article about immigration raids, turnover costs, and recruiting problems in the kosher meatpacking industry? How might these problems be resolved?

3. The 360-degree review is perhaps the most comprehensive and potentially most valuable method for employee performance assessment and improvement. Read the attached SHRM report (360-Review_-_SHRM_discussion.pdf with suitable "Dilbert" cartoons inserted). Can a 360-degree review could work? If the 360-degree review is not used, what might be some of the problems encountered implementing it?

4. The attached article from The Houston Chronicle (TDCJ Prison Guard Overtime - Houston Chronicle 3-26-05.pdf) presents a dilemma faced by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. This is a significant exercise in Strategic HR. What might the TDCJ consider to help solve the retention and turnover problem they face with prison guards? In addition to compensation strategy related comments, what might TDCJ do to improve the attractiveness of this job? Is there any evidence that TDCJ has succeeded in improvements since the story was published in 2005?

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1. The attached article (Performance Review - Get Rid of Them - WSJ 10-20-08.pdf) discusses many of the problems with performance reviews and offers a solution. Do you agree with the author? Why or why not? How would his suggestions work?
I do not agree with the author. The author says that performance reviews destroys morale. I do not agree with this. If the performance review is fair and is linked with rewards, increments, and promotions, it becomes a great motivating tool. It improves the morale. The author has stated that performance review kills teamwork. I do not agree with this. Those firms that have high quality team work actually have performance review for the team and it helps increase cohesion in the team. The author says that performance review hurts the bottom line. In reality, the bottom line objectives are incorporated in the performance review and help improve the bottom line. The author claims that in a performance review since there are two people there are two mindsets. This is incorrect. In several firms the performance review begins before the period for which the review is being carried out commences and the evaluator and the employee jointly agree on the criteria for evaluation. So there is one mindset and not two. The author says that performance does not determine pay. Partially true, the initial pay is not determined by performance but pay increments and promotions are determined by the results of performance review. The author claims that objective is subjective, this is not true, the criteria for performance evaluation and their weights are determined jointly by the supervisor and the employee, performance levels are determined before the period of evaluation begins and based on this an evaluation is carried out, there will be objectivity and not subjective ness. The author claims one size does not fit all, true but if the criteria are jointly determined by the supervisor and employee, the performance review is tailor made and not one size. Most important if there is a an a priori criteria setting exercise, personal development will be promoted through well designed training and promotions. Finally, where is the immorality if the performance review helps businesses achieve their business and strategic goals?
The author suggests performance previews. These are not viable alternatives because they do not lead to measurable results, they are not held at pre-specified intervals, and nor do they ...

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