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This post lays out the sales proces for an iPad.

You have to sell an iPad to a business. This is a business-to-business deal. Layout the sales process and how you will go for it and prepare for the anticipated objections as well.

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The most important step in the sales process will be the first step of building a relationship with the business. Companies are more likely to give salespeople the time that they need to deliver their sales presentation when there is already a relationship formed with the prospective buyer. It is therefore important that the seller give him or herself the necessary time needed to execute a relationship-building strategy with the prospective buyer. It is in this stage that the seller presents him or herself to the business, and asks what the best date and time would be to arrange a brief meeting with a company representative. The seller should have a pamphlet or brochure that is professionally printed, and as stunning as possible, when they approach the company. At the minimum, a seller should never, ever leave a company without at least leaving a brochure or other item for the company representatives to look over, after the seller has departed.

The next step would be for the salesperson to determine how the company would make best use of the iPads. If the iPad is something that the company already has enough of, and uses already, the ...

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The solution provides a detailed explanation of the sales process for selling an iPad to a business, including discussing how to prepare for objections.