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Sales Invoice Normalisation

Consider a typical sales invoice that would include the information below. Design a single table to hold all of the information required to store an invoice including this information. Next, apply normalization to reduce this table to third normal form. Prepare a Word document showing the original and final tables. Include a short summary of the problems with the original single table design and how normalization improved the design.


- Order_id
- Order_date
- Customer_id
- Customer_name
- Customer_address
- Customer_city
- Customer_state
- Item_id
- Item_description
- Item_qty
- Item_price
- Item_total_price
- Order_total_price

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Solution Summary

A word document file containing the answer to the given question. It show step by step instructions on how to design a table to store an invoice information provided in the question, and to bring the table from its first normal form into third normal form. The solution also identifies the primary keys and the foreign keys, marked as bold in the attached document.