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Domain/Key Normal Form

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Need help transforming 2 relations into Domain/Key Normal Form. See attached file for full problem description.

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Line Item

1) ItemQuantity (Attribute)
2) ExtendedPrice (Attribute)
3) Invoice Number (FK
to Sales Order Table)
4) ItemNumber (FK to Item
Table) (PK for Line Item)


1) ItemNumber (PK)
2) Manufacturer (Attribute)
3) Model (Attribute)
4) PlantLocation (Attribute)
5) City (Attribute)
6) State (Attribute)
7) ZIP (Attribute)
8) ItemPrice (Attribute)


1) Number (PK)
2) AcquisitionDate (Attribute)
3) CustomerNumber (FK to Customer table)
4) SalespersonNumber (FK to Sales Person table)
5) Subtotal (Calculated Attribute)
6) Tax (Calculated Attribute)
7) TotalDue (Calculated Attribute)


1) CustomerNumber (PK)
2) CustomerName
3) CustomerAddress (Attribute)
4) ...

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Domain/Key Normal Form is used to transform two relations in the solution.