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Normalize a Table: Sales Invoice Information

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Consider a typical sales invoice that would include the following information. Design a single table to hold all of the information required to store an invoice including this information. Next, apply normalization to reduce this table to third normal form. Prepare a Word document showing the original and final tables. Include a short summary of the problems with the original single table design and how normalization improved the design.


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The solution is for a specific given problem of sales invoice. A single table is given as part of the question. The solution explains and show steps how to normalize the given sales table into third normal form.

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Normalization of a table refers to accessing and modifying a table so that there is no redundant information in the table and the organization of the data inside the table is maintained in such a way that any kind of data management and/or future modifications of the structure of the table becomes simpler.

The following steps show the different steps of normalization on the given set of information fields.

First Normal Form:

A relation R is in first normal form if and only if all underlying domains contain atomic values only. A table is considered to be at first normal form when each field contains the smallest meaningful data and the table contains ...

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