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Pivot Table - Excel Vlookup

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VLOOKUP Problem 1A
Fresh Blooms, LLC is a floral wholesaler. You want to create an invoice template that references the list of products available using the VLOOKUP function. Copy the invoice template in the attached file into a new workbook and populate the highlighted cells with a VLOOKUP function referencing the product table. Hint: you will need to use an IF logical test . See attached file Homework_Lookup_Prob_1(1).xlsx for more details

VLOOKUP Problem 1B
Below is select sales data for RX Industries. The orders range from 1 to 20, however any returned or canceled orders have been deleted from the data. Use the template below to create an order summary that automatically shows the data for any selected order ID between 1 and 20. Hint: Use the IFERROR and HLOOKUP functions. The function for any order ID in the range that has been deleted should return the phrase "Not Found." See attached file Homework_Lookup_Prob_1(1).xlsx for more details

Pivot Table Problem 2
Below is the December 2009 sales data bysales representative for Papier Nouveau, a distributor of commercial printing supplies. As the Director of HR for Papier Nouveau, you are responsible for calculating monthly incentives. In previous months, bonuses were based on sales volume, however this month you are considering basing them on profit margin. Create pivot tables to help you answer the following questions in analyzing the December sales:

a) What is the highest volume of our highest margin product sold in December?
b) What is the average total profit generated for the month?
c) What is the total number of commercial copiers sold during December?

see attached file Homework _Pivot_Tble_Prob_2(1).xls

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