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Excel VLOOKUP Inventory Optimization

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Please see the attachment.

Using Excel, create an inventory table from the data in Table 1 below. Also include an Amount field and a Priority field. Both are calculated columns. Amount equals Inventory times Price. Create a Priority Code table in the range I1: J6 using the data shown in Table 2.

Use the VLOOKUP function to determine the priority to assign to each record. Add a total row to the table. Use the Header function to title your worksheet

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This solution uses specific problem data to develop and present a completed solution using the VLOOKUP function of Excel. It is presented in simple terms with explanation and clarity. There is an excel worksheet attached for assistance with vlookup problem solutions. This problem uses the VLOOKUP function in Excel to optimize Inventory.

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Good afternoon,

Please find the answer to your problem in the Excel file (503516) attached.

The Priority in range E4:F14 is calculated using the following equation:
C4 contains the ...

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