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    Conditional Formatting

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    You have recently landed a part-time job as a business analyst for Campus Travel. In your first meeting, the operations manager learned that you are taking an introduction MIS class. As the manager is not very proficient in using office software tools, he is doing all frequent flier mileage in two separate Excel worksheets. One is the customer's contact information and the second is the miles flown. Being familiar with the possibilities of spreadsheet applications, you suggest setting up one worksheet to handle both functions. To complete this, you must do the following:
    1.) Open the (attached spreadsheet). You will see a tab for customers and a tab labeled "miles flown."
    2.) Use the vlookup function to enter the miles flown column by looking up the frequent flier number (Hint: If done correctly with absolute references, you should be able to enter the vlookup formula in the first cell in the "miles flown" column and copy it down for all the cells).
    3.) Use conditional formatting to highlight all frequent fliers who have less than 4,000 total miles.
    4.) Finally, sort the frequent fliers by total miles in descending order and print out the spreadsheet.

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