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Find and discuss the ways a company can use advanced Excel tools such as MIN and MAX statement, conditional formatting, and additional tools that you have discovered to manage their business finances. Once you have created a formula, the formula can be copied to subsequent cells. When the formula is copied it may change depending on the type of cell reference displayed in the formula. Explain the difference between a relative cell reference and an absolute cell reference.

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In business, analysts and managers rely on numerical data and statistical tools and processes. Some of the most common values they need from the gathered data are minimum and maximum values, mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and variance. If the gathered data is very few, then manual computation can easily do the job. But if the gathered data is very large in quantity, then doing manual computation can take a long time, and may even cause confusion that will result in erroneous computation.

This is where Excel pre-made formulas become really helpful. Instead of doing all in manual, Microsoft Excel formulas can take care ...

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