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    Microsoft Excel Functions

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    For the data attached is it possible to make excel highlight (Yellow) rows of results that are over 500. I would like this to happen every time I enter a value > 500. I would also like a count at the top of the spreadsheet to display the number of times this happens for a Pre-op and an Operational.

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    Yes, both are possible. The first is done through conditional formatting.

    I will be referring to the spreadsheet often, so you can understand better

    Step 1: Highlight row 4 (first row of data) and go to Format -> Conditional Formatting
    Step 2: First drop down box should be Formula is. This option allows any cell in the spreadsheet to be used as a criterion for formatting. (The other option - Cell Value is - compares just that cell's value and formats it.)
    Step 3: We want column I to determine whether the row is highlighted, so enter "=$I4>500". ...

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