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Stock Price Comparison

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I need help with an excel spreadsheet in the format listed below. I have been struggling to finish some accounting that requires me to use aggregate functions inside of Microsoft Excel.

This is the format originally but needs to be done by the way it is listed below the astericks.

Symbol Stock Name Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri

This assignment requires that I need to look up specific stock symbols, identify the company name, and the closing price-per-share (PPS) value at the end of business for five weekdays. Then, create an average price for the week for each stock. Finally, I need to compare the relative growth of each stock over the course of the week to determine which one performed the best during that time period.

* * *

Using Microsoft Excel, create a spreadsheet with a similar format and solve Juan's problem. Use the following stock symbols: MSFT, YHOO, AAPL, IBM, and JAVA. Complete the weekly average analysis using aggregate functions.

It would be greatly appreciated if oyu can assist me with this. Thanks!!

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Please find attached, a formatted MS Excel spreadsheet containing the information below, as well as notes on how the figures were calculated. Feel free to contact me in the future, in the event that additional assistance is required.


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