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    MS Excel and Quattro Pro Application

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    Details: As a result of your work on the high school reunion project, you decide to learn more about Excel and the many uses of spreadsheet applications. You know that there are other spreadsheet applications on the market, but you do not know how these applications compare to Excel. After doing some research you find that Quattro Pro is another major spreadsheet application on the market. Use the Library resources to research Quattro Pro and write an essay that compares and contrasts at least two aspects of Quattro Pro with Excel.

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    Microsoft Excel is a very popular spreadsheet application used in personal and office applications. It is usually bundled in Microsoft Office suite that also contains the famous word processing Microsoft Word and slide presentation editor Microsoft Powerpoint. The latest version of Microsoft Excel is the 2007 version. On the other hand Quattro Pro is a spreadsheet software owned by Corel. It was developed earlier by Borland and was been sold until it was owned by Corel as of this date. It was considered a very good alternative to Microsoft Excel due to its rich features that can compete with Excel's. Quattro Pro is bundled in Corel's WordPerfect Office suite that also contains other office applications developed by Corel. Currently, Quattro Pro X4 is the latest version of the software.To compare both spreadsheet applications, we'll look at the features and capabilities of the latest software versions.

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