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Excel vs Quattro Pro

As a result of your work on the high school reunion project, you decide to learn more about Excel and the many uses of spreadsheet applications. You know that there are other spreadsheet applications on the market, but you do not know how these applications compare to Excel. After doing some research you find that Quattro Pro is another major spreadsheet application on the market. Use the Library resources to research Quattro Pro and write an essay that compares and contrasts at least two aspects of Quattro Pro with Excel.

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Microsoft's Excel Spreadsheet program has been a dominant player, primarily because of successful marketing efforts, in the software game for ages. Corel's Quattro Pro has usually been a distant second or third. It is for this reason, and the fact that most machines now come with some version of Excel from the factory that most people are often unfamiliar with the operating features of Corel's product.

There are several similarities between the two products. The first thing that a typical Microsoft Excel user notices the first time he or she uses Quattro Pro is that the interface and feel of the two products is virtually identical. The cells ...

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~400 word essay comparing and contrasting Microsoft Excel and Corel Quattro Pro.