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Using Goals to Motivate a Sales Team

How may goals and quotas should be used to motivate a sales team? When does motivational pressure become too onerous for the members of the sales team? What types of rewards may be used by a sales manager? Is compensation motivational?

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Goals and quotas can be used to motivate a sales team by giving them a roadmap as to what is important and what will be rewarded. Goals and quotas also serve the purpose of sharing the organization's strategic plans and getting the sales team on board. Goals and quotas inspire a level of competition among the sales staff, which can be helpful in spurring more sales. In addition, goals and quotas can give management a method to evaluate members of the sales team.

Motivational pressure may become too onerous for members of the sales team if sales goals are not feasible due to various factors including out of stocks, too high of prices, or ...

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This detailed solution discusses how goals motivate a team, when does motivational pressure become too much, what types of rewards are good for motivation, and if compensation is motivational. APA references are included.