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Groups: Effective Methods and Communication Techniques

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Details: Your marketing director has been handed a sales initiative for a new product line. A meeting has been called to discuss ways of achieving the sales objectives for the new product. You have been placed on the meeting agenda, with the responsibility of discussing how the integration of job design and goal setting could be used to maximize the motivation of the company's sales force to sell the new products. Compose a short presentation to share at the meeting.

Discuss and evaluate methods of motivating and rewarding individuals and groups.
Use effective communication techniques.

I am looking for information, ideas and suggestions. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

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1. Discuss and evaluate methods of motivating and rewarding individuals and groups. Use effective communication techniques.

Using the Team Approach to Decision Making for Individuals and Groups:
- Increases motivation
- Increases employee morale
- Team players take ownership of tasks at hand
- Increased performance and job satisfaction
- Employee's motivated to meet objectives and sales goals

How does the team approach motivate employees? The main idea here is that when people are engaged and empowered by being included in the decision making process, they take ownership and responsibility for meeting the goals and objectives of the organization (i.e., selling the new product). Employee performance, morale, commitment and motivation increases.

Several function tasks, and related communication style, can be used by the group leader to motivate employees from a team approach:

· Initiating: Stating a goal or problem; making proposals about how to work on it; setting time limits ("Let's set up an agenda"
· Seeking Information and Opinions: Asking group members for information and opinions ("What do you think would be the best approach, Jack?")
· Providing Information and Opinion: Sharing information or opinions related to the task ("I worked on a similar problem last year and found..")
· Clarifying: Helping one another understand ideas and suggestions ("What you mean, Cheryl, is that we could...")
· Elaborating: Building on one another's ideas and suggestions ("Adding to Don's idea, we could...")
· Summarizing: Reviewing, consolidating information...(Appointing a recorder to take notes)
· Consensus Taking: Periodic testing about whether the group is nearing a decision or needs more discussion ("Is the group ready to decide about this?")

Maintenance Functions: Functions that build & maintain a group and also increase ...

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This solution discusses and evaluates methods of motivating and rewarding individuals and groups. It also explains the use of effective communication techniques through discussion and examples. Supplemented with a highly informative article on group methods and communication techniques related to group projects.

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