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Difference Between Features and Benefits in Sales

A salesman is trying to make a sale by talking to a prospect or potential customer about a product's features and benefits. What is the difference between features and benefits? Do consumers pay more attention to features or benefits? How can benefits be utilitarian or hedonic?

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The Difference Between Features and Benefits

There is a big difference between features and benefits. Looking at features we find that there are many things a product may be able to do. The iPhone, for example has many features that may be appealing to the general public. It can surf the Internet, and it has apps that can do just about anything anyone might want. It is a phone, an iPod, a gaming device, a weather reporter, a stock viewer, and just about anything else that a person might want all in one device. Even though this machine can do so many different things, these are merely features that can possibly be duplicated by other phones on the market. Features can be anything from a three blade razor to air conditioning in a car, the problem with features are that they do not mean the same thing to everybody, that is until they are proven to show some sort of benefit to the individual who is thinking of purchasing the problem.

The thing that really makes features stand out is the benefits that these ...

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