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    Examining the employer-sponsored sales process.

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    Describe the employer-sponsored sales process. What is the goal of this process once it is completed? Why is accreditation important? What is the difference between rating and underwriting and how is it used? Identify and discuss any ethical issues that could arise in the underwriting process. Include two APA citations from scholarly resources to support the ideas.

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    Employer Sponsored Sales Process:

    The employer sponsored sales process includes prospecting, the approach, the sales interview, proposal development, the presentation, employee enrollment and continuing service. The prospecting step in the sales process is whereby the sales people find and qualify businesses and individuals that are likely to be buyers of services and products. Prospecting can be done by either noticing qualified prospects from day to day activities, using referrals, using lists and directories and combining existing client files for qualified prospects (Employee healthcare benefits, 2004).

    The approach step is whereby the sales person schedules an appointment through face-to-face with the employer to discuss employee health insurance options and benefits. The techniques used to obtain appointments are face-to-face, telephone and direct mail. In the sales interview, the objective is to gather the data necessary to prepare a proposal tailored to the needs of the prospects, to educate the prospect of the benefits and the features of the products and services and to explore the prospects concerns and needs (Employee healthcare benefits, 2004).

    The next step is the proposal development which includes the general information about the insurer, a description of the claims process, a description of the eligible ...

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