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    Industrial and Organizational Psychology

    Research and scientific methods

    How do descriptive, predictive, and explanatory methods of research differ from each other? In what ways are they similar? How does the scientific method point towards truth? What is truth, and how do you know when you have found it?

    Critical Incident Technique in Counseling Research

    Can you help me with the five identified steps to the CIT method as mentioned in the below article. Clearly all five are important. Can you tell me which one appears to the one you believe to be most critical. Describe it and then discuss why you believe it is the most critical step. http://cjc-rcc.ucalgary.ca/cjc/index.php/

    Law of Unintended Consequences

    I need help to explain A solid definition of the Law of Unintended Consequences in the assigned article, "The Unintended Consequences of the Application of Technology in Teaching and Learning Environments," which includes work from Portes (2000). Draw a comparison between Portes notion of the importance of careful and sustained

    Coworker trust.

    Why do coworkers place more trust in coworkers trusted by leaders? How is this important to our understanding of workplace behavior and leadership?

    Best & Worst Organizational Cultures

    Describe the best organizational culture. What was the thing you liked the least about the culture? Describe the worst organizational culture. What was the thing you liked the best about the culture?

    Environment for an employee to grow

    Please explain in your own words what would be for you an ideal environment in which to learn and grow as an employee? Provide as much detail as you can Explain about inexperienced versus experienced employees. At this point in the course, what, if anything, would you change about your answer and why? Please provide source

    Business Coalitions

    There are various kinds of coalitions that can be used by businesses to accomplish non-market strategies and goals. What are those kinds of coalitions and how effective is each? Discuss several examples of collations that have worked in accomplishing nonmarket goals and of coalitions that have not been as successful.

    Factors that Contribute to a Hostile work Environment

    Can you explain what attribute of a work environment that you feel has the greatest influence in determining whether the environment becomes hostile or not? Please support this from a scholarly research supporting your point. Please provide references for further investigation of the topic.

    Affirmative Action and Dilemma

    Can you help me explain affirmative action as one of the dilemmas for employers in hiring or promoting minorities fairly into deserved position is that there will always be people who believe the person is not really qualified but was hired because of Affirmative Action. As a leader, how would you assure this view is not reinfo

    Analyzing Specific Personality Tests

    I need to l find these to test and take them and then write a paper. Can you help me locate them on the web where I can find and take a free version of one of the following tests online: Please choose which test to take such as the Forté Communication Style Survey, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment, or DISC Behavioral Ass

    Hiring Practices on Experience and Inexperienced Workers

    Please help me with this question. Which would you rather do: Hire inexperienced employees and train them within your company, or spend more money on higher salaries for employees with greater experience? Provide reasons for your answer.

    Diversification: Multinational Companies

    Some MNCs operate a single business. However, many MNCs have more than one type of business strategy. What are the basics of multinational diversification? How do they choose their mix of different businesses? Explain both related and unrelated diversification. 200 words apa format

    Factors that Add to workplace stress

    What are some factors that add to workplace stress? How can these be addressed? How can addressing workplace stress with employees enhance performance? Why are some people more affected by stress than others? How have you seen this in the workplace?

    Vision and its implementation

    I need help in answering the following questions 1) What are the psychological implications of establishing a vision for an organization? 2) What psychological variables would you expect to encounter from members of the organization as you implement the change that is necessary to accomplish the vision? 3) How would you or

    Objectivity in Employee Performance Appraisal

    I need help in answering this question. Can a fair and objective evaluation process ever be achieved in the workplace? Do manager's personal opinions of the employee and the employee's work cloud the objectiveness of the appraisal? Explain your answer in at least 250 words

    Reliability vs. Validity

    Explain the types of and major differences between reliability and validity. In addition, please list two other criteria that are characteristic of effective tests.

    Importance of Employee Performance Evaluation

    I need help with an essay paper I am doing a 1000 word paper and I need information on describing and explaining the ten-step process for evaluating employee performance. Include the following components: 1) Explain why it is necessary to conduct quality employee performance evaluations. 2) Incorporate subheadings to indicate

    Affirmative action in the workplace

    1) Why might an applicant or employee sue an employer? 2) From your perspective, is affirmative action still necessary in the American workplace?

    What it Takes to Become an Equine Veterinarian

    Consider and analyze the job of an equine veterinarian. Describe the profession and consider what information is relevant and not relevant. What would be the perspective on the psychological profile of someone who would best succeed at this occupation.

    Learning Assessment System

    Choose a job position that you are interested in obtaining (any example apply), and keep it in mind throughout this assignment. Demonstrate how Industrial/Organizational psychology benefits both employees and organizations. In an introduction, clearly state and briefly describe the position you are using as an example. Includ

    A System for Learning Assessment

    Choose a job position that you are interested in obtaining (anu example apply), and keep it in mind throughout this assignment. Demonstrate how Industrial/Organizational psychology benefits both employees and organizations. In an introduction, clearly state and briefly describe the position you are using as an example. Incl

    Organizational Psychology and Ethics

    What is OPD? A description of how a master's degree in OPD will help you attain your goals in the profession and practice of psychology. Also describe how you will achieve academic and professional excellence that reflects adherence to ethical standards.

    Organizational Psychology Applied to Recruitment and Socialization

    I need help explaining how the principles of organizational psychology can be applied to organizational recruitment and socialization. The areas I will need to address are the recruitment process from an organizational and applicant perspective and how the principles of organizational psychology can be used in the recruiting pro

    Organizational Psychology Questions

    1. What are the benefits of having a strong organizational culture? What are some of the drawbacks? (Make sure to support your answer with at least one outside source.) 2. What impact does globalization have on organizational design and culture? (Make sure to support your answer with at least one outside source.)

    Development Psychology Case Study

    Hi,I need assistance developing some thoughts for this assignment. Task: In this assignment, you are a counselor working with Marie. As Marie's counselor, apply psychosocial developmental theory to the situation presented in Marie's case. (Read attached Case Study document) Based on your own area of specialization and the deve

    Organizational values

    Modaff, D.P. , Butler, J. A., & DeWine, S. (2008). Organizational Communication: Foundations, Challenges, and Misunderstandings, 3d ed.) : Explain how organizations within the same industry may have different values. For example, why was a company such as Enron riddled with corruption while other energy companies never develo