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    Factors that Add to workplace stress

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    What are some factors that add to workplace stress? How can these be addressed? How can addressing workplace stress with employees enhance performance?

    Why are some people more affected by stress than others? How have you seen this in the workplace?

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    What are some factors that add to workplace stress?
    The factors are many and usually are caused by various known stressors, though others are personal to individuals. Work related stressors can include, change, lack of communication, uncertainty, rumours, conflicts, lack of cooperation between management and employees, issues of culture, lack of training, lack of knowledge, lack of respect, lack of control on job.

    How can these be addressed?
    Most of these can be addressed through communication. When change occurs, for example, communication helps people understand what is happening, why it is happening, and how it affects individuals. For problems such as conflict, issues of culture, and lack of respect, these can be perspective based and communication or a process for resolving conflicts and interpersonal issues can go far in relieving stress. Just knowing there is a process can help some people gain better perspective. As jobs change, companies should be aware of its effect on employees and work to mitigate those stressors such ...

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