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    Organizational Psychology Applied to Recruitment and Socialization

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    I need help explaining how the principles of organizational psychology can be applied to organizational recruitment and socialization. The areas I will need to address are the recruitment process from an organizational and applicant perspective and how the principles of organizational psychology can be used in the recruiting process.
    Describe the concept of organizational socialization and how the principles can be applied.
    Use APA format and guidelines with at least 3 peer reviewed references. Try not to go over my word limit of 1000-1300 words.

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    More than Puzzle Pieces
    I/O Psychology & Recruitment

    Often when organizations are hiring and when individuals are applying for positions, they use language that seems to indicate that an empty spot of a puzzle needs to be filled in order to make the organizational picture complete. If we accept this view, it means that the person doing the hiring is looking for a person who can complete or best complete the picture, mission, or function that the organization is missing. For the applicant it is the process of making him or herself as attractive a puzzle piece as possible. Before organizations began, applying the principles of Organizational Psychology was seen mostly as the individual applicant being able to sell an attractive skill set to the company or organization to fill in the missing piece. However, much more was taken into consideration as psychologists began to make advances in the study of interpersonal and intrapersonal interactions and how those factors affect group cohesion, performance and productivity as well as an individual's self-efficacy, esteem, job satisfaction and performance (Schmidt & Hunter, 1998). Organizational Psychology is the study and application of psychological principals as they apply to relationships in the work place between employees and their peers as well as their employers and environment. These relationships begin with the hiring process, which in the context of I/O Psychology involves much more than merely fitting together pieces of a puzzle. Yet just like a puzzle, the organizational picture is incomplete without all its pieces.
    In I/O Psychology, there is a unique division of labor and application of principles. Industrial Psychology deals with micro or molecular concepts such as recruitment, job classification, training, evaluation, job performance and the like. Organizational Psychology deals with the more macro issues of organizational climate and identity, socialization, motivation, occupational stress management, organizational development, group performance and leadership (Schmidt & Hunter, 1998). However, it is easily established how the principles operational from the Organizational Psychology side of Industrial and Organizational Psychology have a significant impact on the organizations recruitment practices.
    An organization with a fuzzy idea of who they are and how they want to operate in the world including but beyond just turning ...

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    Organizational psychology applied to recruitment and socialization are examined.