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Vision and its implementation

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I need help in answering the following questions

1) What are the psychological implications of establishing a vision for an organization?
2) What psychological variables would you expect to encounter from members of the organization as you implement the change that is necessary to accomplish the vision?
3) How would you organize channels of communication that go both ways in the organization as you implement the change?

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1. The psychological implications of establishing a vision for an organization is that the vision provides a picture of what could be possible. It is a psychological catalyst that powers the organization. The vision has an impact on the emotions of the stakeholders because it is a goal of the highest order. The vision forms the psychological contract between an employer and its employee. It creates a mutual expectation of inputs and outcomes. The vision creates a psychological attachment between the managers and the organization. The advantages that a company enjoys get magnified in the context of the vision. The vision indicates how the organization will act. The ...

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Implementation of vision is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.

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