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Incomplete Dominance and Codominance: Genetics

Working on my lab report in which we studied human variation. My partner and I were each heterzygous Rr and Rr One of us was the male and one the female Each of us flipped the coin with R on one side and r on the other. the following are the results. Our biobaby is a girl Round face RR Curly Hair RR no widows pea

Structure of DNA

Describe the structure and function of DNA as the molecule of inheritance. DESCRIBE the structure of DNA. DISCUSS how the structure of DNA allows it to serve as the basis for inheritance. EXAMINE how meiosis allows DNA to be divided into gametes. DESCRIBE how this relates to Gregor Mendel's inheritance patterns.

questions regarding genes and chromosomes

What are start codon, stop codon and reading frame? How was the alkaptonuria (black urine disease) mutation identified? How did human populations adapt to alcohol consumption and how did they adapt to milk consumption in adult life? Hello I am writing a paper and want to clarify some of these topics. I am not


The role of parents in the lives of the developing child would seem to be pretty obvious. But whether parenting matters has been an issue of some controversy. In the provocative book the Nurture Assumption, Judith harris (1998) argues that what parents do does not make a difference in their children's behavior. Spank them, hug t

Genetically Modified Foods

You are attending a conference on sustainable development in low-income countries at Colorado Technical University. During your lunch break, you walk to the cafeteria and notice that one vendor is advertising "GMO-free" food. You purchase and enjoy a sandwich from this vendor. Later that day, you decide to do some research on ge

Hixokinas Activity in Adult and Larval Drosophila

Suppose you are working in a research lab investigating the expression of the enzyme hexokinase in Drosophila. Specifically, you are interested in expression patterns of this enzyme in Drosophila in the larval stage vs. the adult fly stage. After collecting data from both larvae and adult flies, your analyses indicate that the

Genetics: Hardy-Weinburg, Alleles, Punnett Squares, and Genetic Drift

1) Consider the following population, represented by the genotypes of its members (N = 20). Is this population in Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium? (see attachment for population). 2) If the parental generation of a particular population of humans has the following allele frequencies, E = 0.4/e = 0.6, what are the predicted genotyp

List possible outcomes for mice offspring fur color

Two white mice mate. The male has both a white and a black fur color gene. The female has only white fur color genes. The fur color of the offspring depends on the pairs of fur color genes that they receive. Assume that neither the white nor the black gene dominates. List the possible outcomes. W=white and B=black

Biology please provide brief answers

1) Explain the importance of a control group in scientific experiments. 2) Briefly discuss the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. 5) Discuss how researchers decide that populations of organisms belong to the same biological species? 7) The origin of life on Earth would not have been possibl

Genetics, genotypes, and testing paternity

This question tests your achievement of Cognitive skill CS2 (part (a)) and Practical and Professional skill PS1 (part (b)). John and George are brothers. They both claim to be the father of Child A and of Child B. The children are definitely siblings; they have the same mother. (i) From the data in Table 2, what is

Punnett Square

Complete all three parts and answer all questions. Remember to turn in Punnett Square for Part 2. Part 1: Genetics - From Genes to Proteins, Mutations Overview: Genetic information in DNA is transcribed to RNA and then translated into the amino acid sequence of a Protein. A) Step 1 - Transcription: During the process

Mechanisms of generating antibody diversity

Diversity is very important in ensuring a sufficient immune response to accommodate the vast number of immune response. This solution describes in detail, with the aid of a diagram, how B cells generate diversity in the antibodies they produce.

Gene One Leadership Concepts

See attached files. Leadership Concepts Worksheet Assignment. Worksheet template attached along with example. The assignment has three purposes: (A) identify at least five key theoretical concepts from this week's readings, (B) relate each key concept to its application in an organizational setting, and (C) communicate w

Family pedigree

You receive 12 samples in your laboratory for genetic screening. The samples form two families. The first family is composed of samples: 1(Mom Smith); 2 (Smith Son 1); 3(Smith Daughter 1); 4(Smith Son 2); 5(Smith Son 3); 6(Smith Son 4); 7(Smith Son 5); 8(Smith Dad) and 9(Mom Jones); 10&11(Jones twin boys); 12(Jones Dad). Mom

Research Literature Analysis

Analyze two recently published research articles, one quanitative and qualitative study. These articles must be within the last 5 years (peer-reviewed.)

Twin study

Twin research is based on the notion that if identical twins (whose genes are exactly the same) reared apart are more similar than fraternal twins or non-twin siblings (who are similar, but not identical, in genetic inheritance) reared together, heredity must be the most important influence. According to this theory, if psychol

Genetic variation and disease

1 Define the term "genetic variation." If a gene or locus has two alleles (A and a) in a population, what are all the possible genotypes? If the frequency of (A) allele = p, and the frequency of (a) allele is q, what is the frequency of all possible genotypes in this population? 2 What is the Hardy-Weinberg equilibri


In 1981, a stray cat with unusual curled-back ears was adopted by a family in Lakewood, California. Hundreds of descendants of this cat have since been born, and cat fanciers hope to develop the "curl" cat into a show breed. The curl allele is apparently dominant and carried on an autosome. Suppose you owned the first curl ca

Ethnic DNA testing

DNA testing There is a new service available to people that are African-American that can have a company test their DNA to see which region of Africa their maternal/paternal line originated from. A man who wants the test done walks into the clinic wearing clothes that happened to be pinpointing of having formed an individual re

Effect of migration on pehnotype frequency

Migration occurs at a constant rate between two populations of field mice. In one population, 65% of the population are white, in the other population, only 15% are white. What would you expect to happen to the allelic frequencies of these two population over time? Please provide am explanation of what will happen to the tw

Hardy-Weinberg Theorem

In a population of 100 rock pink plants, 84 individuals have red lowers while 16 have white flowers. Assume that white petals are inherited as a recessive trait (a) and red petals as a dominant trait (A). What are the frequencies p and q? In the next generation, what will be the equilibrium genotypic frequencies? Please sh

Questions about biology and genes are presented.

Complete all three parts and answer all questions. Remember to turn in Punnett Square for Part 2. Part 1: Genetics - From Genes to Proteins, Mutations (Chapter 10) Overview: Genetic information in DNA is transcribed to RNA and then translated into the amino acid sequence of a Protein. A) Step 1 - Transcription: During


A) Step 1 - Transcription: During the process of transcription, the information in the DNA codons of a gene is transcribed into RNA. Suppose that gene X has the DNA base sequence 3'-TACCCTTTAGTAGCCACT-5'. Question: What would be the base sequence of RNA after transcription occurs? Turn this in. (In this particular exa