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Genetics Problem- Human Blood Types

A. APunnett Square represents a cross (mating) between a male (on the left side) with blood type AB, and a female, (top of square), with blood type A, genotype Ao. Answer the following for the cross represented above. 1. What are the possible blood types for the offspring? 2. What are the ratios or percentages for each poss

Description of the Structure of DNA

Describe the structure and function of DNA as the molecule of inheritance. I need a better understanding of the below: a. Describe the structure of DNA. b. Discuss how the structure of DNA allows it to serve as the basis for inheritance. c. Examine how meiosis allows DNA to be divided into gametes. d. Describe how

Characteristics of DNA and RNA molecules, and their function.

1.What unique ability do DNA molecules have? Why is this ability so important? 2.What are the similarities and differences in DNA and RNA? 3.What are the respective functions in general and in protein systhesis? 4.What are the various factors that might damage genes? 5.Explain the process of mitosis along with its variou

Genetic Characteristics that cannot be Explained by Simple Mendelian Genetics

Part 1: Genetics Problem- Human Blood Types Mendel is the father of modern genetics, but there are some genetic characteristics that cannot be explained by simple Mendelian genetics. Such is the case with the human blood types in which there are 3 alleles for the same gene, A B, and o. A parent can pass allele A, B, or o to th

Mendel and the Gene Idea

I am having trouble with these few sample problems. I really do not understand the concept of Mendel's ideas. Can someone please elaborate? Please see attached file.

Please explain the Rh Factor

If a couple are both rh positive...the man being B+ and the woman is O positive Is it possible for this couple to have a B- child? Also why is it that a B- child can only receive blood from a B- or O- person? If this child ever needs a blood transfusion how come neither one of the parents can donate blood does this mean this chi

Hardy Weinberg

I am having a very hard time trying to figure this out. I need someone to explain to me how to go about this...showing an explaining their work. My goal is to gain assistance understanding this for I need to grasp this, so please show me HOW! In a population of monkeys, there are two types of coat color that follow simple M

A researcher studied six independently assorting genes in a plant.

A researcher studied six independently assorting genes in a plant. Each gene has a dominant and a recessive allele: R black stem, r red stem; D tall plant, d dwarf plant; C full pods, c con­stricted pods; O round fruit, o oval fruit; H hairless leaves, h hairy leaves; W purple flower, w white flower. From the cross (P1) R

Eye Colour Mismatch in Father Regarding to Son and Grandparents

Dear sir, I have got a query about how genes are transmitted from parents to kids. The situation is: I am blue eyed, my mother is green eyed and my dad is brown eyed. This far so good, no problems: I thought,my mum is green(G)-blue(b) and my dad is brown(B)-blue, so I had 1 out of 4 of turning out being blue. It's norma

Culture of cancerous cells (overexpressing HER-2)

I'm writing a report on cells which overexpress HER-2. The report consists of 5 mini reports and is for a Biomedical Techniques module I am doing. Part of the report is on the monolayer culture and passage of cells and also requires calculations for multiplication rate, doubling time etc (have done these) I have two main que


Excluding Queen Victoria's Family Consider the other European families affected by the hemophilia gene. If you were a member of one of these families, what would be some implications? If hemophilia had been transmitted as a recessive trait, rather than an X-linked one, what would have been the implications for the Europea

Population genetics.

1. Why do gene frequencies in a population change? Why don't they stay the same from one generation to the next? Explain how the processes of mutation, crossover, and natural selection can provide an answer to these questions. Support your response with cited documentation where appropriate.

Description of Mendelian Genetics

1.Define dominance, recessiveness and sex-linkage. 2.What are the expected phenotypic ratios for a monohybrid cross, dihybrid cross, and sex-linked trait? 3. What is pedigree analysis? How can pedigree analysis be used to predict the phenotype of offspring?

Mycoplasma Variable Surface Antigen (VSA)

1.What is VSA and how does it under go size and phase variation? 2.How does VSA variation affect and is effected by the host immune response? 3.How does VSA variation affect growth and nutrition? What are the benefits and liabilities of the different forms of VSA? 4.What are the roles of VSA forms in biofilms formation and

Acre Woods Retirement Community

Please assist; I am having a difficult time with this case study. Acre Woods Retirement Community Case Study Acre Woods is a private retirement community with 275 senior residents. Its mission is to improve the quality of life of its residents through physical and emotional care. Sarah Armstrong, Acre Woods' resident physi