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Human Resource Management

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What leadership elements within different positions support or hinder the change effort in the Gene One scenario?

What factors of the business you researched do you think could be implemented in Gene One to make its change effort more successful?

After analyzing Gene One's options for its future, answer the following question: As a leader within the organization, do you think its current organizational structure and leadership style are appropriate to its going public? Why or why not?

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//In this paper; we will discuss that how leadership elements affect the change in Gene One. We will also elaborate on the various factors pertaining to the business that will support the modifications .In the paper we will also confer upon whether, the organizations existing organizational structure and leadership style is apt to its decision to go public.//

Leadership is absolutely essential to motivate, guide and to infuse exuberance in the employees or the followers. A leader has the ability to bring out the best in people and influences them to deliver superlative performances (Kamanga, 2007). Gene One is a successful Biotechnology company and its success can be owed to the leadership elements found in the top management of the company. Leadership is attributed with optimism and to lead and guide people to realize their potential in accomplishing the stated objectives and tasks.

The leadership elements present in the top management of Gene One surely supports the Organizational change. Effective leaders are known to communicate their plans, to the followers so that the objectives and goals are accomplished in coherence to the plans. Don Ruiz, Chief Executive Officer is an excellent leader and the success of the leadership can be attributed to the fact the he communicates his intent to the people, as a result of this people know what is to ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 902 words with references.

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