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In heritance of hemophilia

Hemophilia is caused by a mutation in a gene on the x chromosomes. Draw a pedigree of a family where one daughter and one son of the couple's children has hemophilia. The other two children are not hemophiliac. Describe how one might figure out if these two have a chance ( and what that chance is ) of passing hemophilia on to their children (assume they marry an unaffected person).

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As stated in the question the allele responsible for causing hemophilia is carried on the X chromosome (denoted by X<h>). This means that males can either be normal (X<H>Y) or affected (X<h>Y). Females on the other hand can be normal (X<H>X<H>), carriers (X<H>X<h>), or affected (X<h>X<h>).

Let's construct the pedigree from the given information:

P1 Mother (unknown genotype) x Father (unknown genotype)
F1 Affected ...

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