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DNA screening & discriminatory actions by insurance companie

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Please explain the biological ethics with the following:

According to insurance providers they believe their companies are unfairly having to insure people with high probability of inheriting debilitative diseases.

My question..
Can certain types of DNA screening protect individuals from these discriminatory actions?

Please cite your references so I can research this on my own.

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Hi there,
in principal any DNA testing or let us just refer to it as genetic testing can be included in your medical records. The moment they are included, please rest assured that even though laws are in place that you can not be discriminated against, insurance companies at one point or another will discriminate - they will not admit that though.

Here is a truly excellent online compilation of references from the National Human Genome Research Institute (this is a Federal/Government Research institute) on genetic discrimnation. Please see here:http://www.genome.gov/10002077 and see for yourself how many resources they provide. In ...

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The solution briefly define what DNA screening is and in what circumstance it is generally used. Next the answer discuss what information is typically made available to insurance companies and how this information is treated. Finally the answer investigates options for DNA screening that are private in nature and protect the individual from discriminatory actions. References for further investigation are provided.

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