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    Examining the inheritance of two traits

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    Just want to understand the genetics of what happens and why with punnet squares. The theory behind why it happens.

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    White eyes are caused by an X-linked recessive allele. An affected female will have the genotype w/w while the male will have the genotype w/O.

    Vestigial wings are caused by an autosome recessive allele. Affected individuals are vg/vg while carriers are vg/+ and normal wings are +/+.

    Let's start with a white eyed female with normal wings (X<w>/X<w> vg+/vg+) and a normal eyed vestigial winged male (X<w+>/O vg/vg)

    X<w>vg+ ...

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    Detailed cross information of the inheritance of an autosomal and a sex-linked trait in Drosophila with Punnett squares and web references.