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Incomplete Dominance and Codominance

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Working on my lab report in which we studied human variation.

My partner and I were each heterzygous Rr and Rr
One of us was the male and one the female
Each of us flipped the coin with R on one side and r on the other. the following are the results.

Our biobaby is a girl

Round face RR
Curly Hair RR
no widows peak rr
normal space of eyes Rr
Almond eyes Rr
Position of eyes-straight Rr
Size of eyes Large RR
length of eyelashes Rr
Shape of brows fine rr
Position of brows Rr
Size of nose medium Rr
Shape of lips normal Rr
size of ears small rr
size of mouth small rr
no freckles rr
Dimples YES RR
Eyes color dark blue AA bb
Skin color med brown AA Bb
Hair Color Med brown AA BB

I have a couple of questions i am not quite sure about as well as wondering if you can check my work.
I am stuck on # 6. The traits we included in report were face shape, cleft, hair, widow peak, spacing of eyes, shape of eyes, position of eyes, length of eye lash, shape of brows, size of nose, shape of lips, size of ears, size of mouth, freckles, dimples, eye color, skin color, hair color.
The question is
6) Which traits in this lab show incomplete dominance, which traits show codominance.

Here is report as i have so far. Please correct and help with # 6

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