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Genetics, genotypes, and testing paternity

This question tests your achievement of Cognitive skill CS2 (part (a)) and Practical and Professional skill PS1 (part (b)). John and George are brothers. They both claim to be the father of Child A and of Child B. The children are definitely siblings; they have the same mother. (i) From the data in Table 2, what is

Gene One Leadership Concepts

See attached files. Leadership Concepts Worksheet Assignment. Worksheet template attached along with example. The assignment has three purposes: (A) identify at least five key theoretical concepts from this week's readings, (B) relate each key concept to its application in an organizational setting, and (C) communicate w

Family pedigree

You receive 12 samples in your laboratory for genetic screening. The samples form two families. The first family is composed of samples: 1(Mom Smith); 2 (Smith Son 1); 3(Smith Daughter 1); 4(Smith Son 2); 5(Smith Son 3); 6(Smith Son 4); 7(Smith Son 5); 8(Smith Dad) and 9(Mom Jones); 10&11(Jones twin boys); 12(Jones Dad). Mom

Research Literature Analysis

Analyze two recently published research articles, one quanitative and qualitative study. These articles must be within the last 5 years (peer-reviewed.)

Twin study

Twin research is based on the notion that if identical twins (whose genes are exactly the same) reared apart are more similar than fraternal twins or non-twin siblings (who are similar, but not identical, in genetic inheritance) reared together, heredity must be the most important influence. According to this theory, if psychol

Genetic variation and disease

1 Define the term "genetic variation." If a gene or locus has two alleles (A and a) in a population, what are all the possible genotypes? If the frequency of (A) allele = p, and the frequency of (a) allele is q, what is the frequency of all possible genotypes in this population? 2 What is the Hardy-Weinberg equilibri


In 1981, a stray cat with unusual curled-back ears was adopted by a family in Lakewood, California. Hundreds of descendants of this cat have since been born, and cat fanciers hope to develop the "curl" cat into a show breed. The curl allele is apparently dominant and carried on an autosome. Suppose you owned the first curl ca

Ethnic DNA testing

DNA testing There is a new service available to people that are African-American that can have a company test their DNA to see which region of Africa their maternal/paternal line originated from. A man who wants the test done walks into the clinic wearing clothes that happened to be pinpointing of having formed an individual re

What would be the base sequence of RNA after transcription occurs?

Complete all three parts and answer all questions. Remember to turn in Punnett Square for Part 2. Part 1: Genetics - From Genes to Proteins, Mutations (Chapter 10) Overview: Genetic information in DNA is transcribed to RNA and then translated into the amino acid sequence of a Protein. A) Step 1 - Transcription: During

Determine the linear sequence of these three genes

In Drosophila, a cross was made between females expressing the three X-linked recessive traits: scute (sc) bristles, sable (s) body and vermillion (v) eyes, and wild-type (+) males. In the F1, all females were wild-type, while all males expressed all three recessive traits. The cross was carried to the F2 generation and 1000 off

What are the major differences between mitosis and meiosis?

1. What are the major differences between mitosis and meiosis? Why is it necessary to have a meiotic cell division? Explain the difference between the C value and the n number. What phase of the cell cycle does DNA replication occur in? 2. How many chromosomes are found in a normal human cell? Define the terms "auto

Color Blindness

If color is the interpretation by the brain of a wavelength of light, then where does the issue of colorblindness come in? Is it a problem due to the cones being defective, or is it a processing problem with the brain?

Nature vs Nurture

In Web searching (on Google, or Hotbot, or some such search engine) on the topic "Nature vs. Nurture.? find an interesting discussion or article related to it. Share the article and URL and a brief explanation of the general points of the article or debate in an outline form or as bullet points. Finally, share your own perspecti

Regular markov chains

Suppose a gene in a chromosome is of type A or type B. Assume that the probability that a gene of type A will mutate to type B in one generation is 10^-4 and that a gene of type B will mutate to type A is 10^-6. (A) What is the transition matrix? (B) After how many generations, what is the probability that the gene will be o

Complex traits

Explain the various ways heredity and environment may combine to influence complex traits.

Mendelian Genetics Problem Set is solved.

1. A cattle rancher discovers that one of his bulls has a great deal of muscle mass but little fat, and wishes to create a pure-breeding stock with that trait. When he breeds the bull with wild-type cows, all of the offspring are wild-type. How can the rancher create his pure stock if the allele for lean muscle is autosomal?

Schizophrenia is a myth???

According to Thomas Szasz, the idea of mental illness, including schizophrenia, is a myth. Szasz believes that schizophrenia should be properly regarded as problems of living in a society that mistreats individuals who are different. Discuss the pros and cons of this proposition. Do you believe this assertion? Please provide

X-linked genes and finding genetic map distance

A female heterozygous drosophila melanogaster with the x linked genes of singed bristles (sn), crossveinlesss wings (cv), and vermillion eye colour (v) is testcrossed with a singed, crossveinless, vermillion male and the following progeny were obtained: 1 singed, crossveinless, vermillion 3 2 crossveinless, vermilli

Genetics: Eye color probabilities

Both parents have the brown/blue pair of eyes color genes, and each parent contributes one gene to a child. Assume that if the child has at least one brown gene, that color will dominate and the eyes will be brown. (The actual determination of eye color is somewhat more complicated.) a. List the different possible outcomes

Genetics Problem- Human Blood Types

A. APunnett Square represents a cross (mating) between a male (on the left side) with blood type AB, and a female, (top of square), with blood type A, genotype Ao. Answer the following for the cross represented above. 1. What are the possible blood types for the offspring? 2. What are the ratios or percentages for each poss

Description of the Structure of DNA

Describe the structure and function of DNA as the molecule of inheritance. I need a better understanding of the below: a. Describe the structure of DNA. b. Discuss how the structure of DNA allows it to serve as the basis for inheritance. c. Examine how meiosis allows DNA to be divided into gametes. d. Describe how

Characteristics of DNA and RNA molecules, and their function.

1.What unique ability do DNA molecules have? Why is this ability so important? 2.What are the similarities and differences in DNA and RNA? 3.What are the respective functions in general and in protein systhesis? 4.What are the various factors that might damage genes? 5.Explain the process of mitosis along with its variou