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Hardy Weinberg principle

The Hardy-Weinberg principle is useful because: a. it explains the existence of variation in populations b. it proves that Mendel was correct for populations c. it describes most populations d. it explains the existence of a large number of species e. it identifies those factors that can change allele or genotype fre

This is a genetics problem dealing with humans with colorblindness and freckles

In human beings, the gene for red green colorblindness (r) is sex linked and recessive to its allele for normal vision (R), while the gene for freckles (F) is autosomal and dominant over its allele for nonfreckled (f). A nonfreckled, normal visioned woman whose father was freckled and colorblind, marries a freckled, colorblind

Nature versus nurture debate

There is a controversy about whether genetics or environment is more important in the development of our personalities. How does genetics impact behavior?

Genetics: gene therapy

Gene therapy is: a. replacing all mutant alleles in body cells b. replacing poor copies of alleles with normal alleles c. replacing a mutant allele in certain body cells with a normal allele d. repairing mutant alleles in certain body cells e. improving gene expression in key body cells

Question on Tay-Sachs

Tay-Sachs disease is a(n)_______ disease that results in blindness, mental retardation, and death due to ________. a. sex-linked; the absence of one of the sex chromosomes b. autosomal recessive; accumulation of lipids in brain cells c. X-linked; accumulation of lipase in cells of sweat glands d. autosomal; the inabili

Monohybrid genetic cross to determine dominant trait

This is the genetic problem that I need to understand how to complete. Sand lizards in white sands new mexico: If for each species a lizard that was homozygous for the dark Mc1r allele had been crossed with a lizard that was homozygous for the light Mc1r allele the resulting F1 generation would have obtained the percentag

organizing effects or the activating effects of hormones

Can you help me with the following: Try this exercise: Hold out your right hand, place fingers together, and compare the length of your index (first) finger and ring (third) finger. The hormone "testosterone" is linked with masculine traits. The amount of testosterone exposed to in the womb affects finger length. The hi

Mendelian Inheritance Traits in Animals

The full problem is attached as a Word document, containing figures and pictures. The problem concerns a dominant and a recessive gene in lizards that affect the skin color of the lizard. The frequency of these genes in two different habitats is presented, and answers are given to several questions relating to the reasons

Inheritance of color blindness

A woman referred to as individual A marries a man, individual B. Both have normal color vision. They have 3 children. Child AB1 is a son with normal color vision. Child AB2 is also a son but he is red green colorblind. The third child, son AB3, is red green colorblind as well. AB1 son marries a woman, S, with normal vision.

Whether an allele is dominant or recessive depends on

Whether an allele is dominant or recessive depends on a. how common the allele is relative to other alleles b. whether it is inherited from the mother or father c. which chromosome it is on d. whether it or another allele is expressed when they are both present

Why are sex-linked diseases more common in men than in women?

Why are sex-linked diseases more common in men than in women? a. Men acquire two copies of the defective gene during fertilization b. Men who inherit only one copy of the harmful recessive gene will have the disease c. The sex chromosomes are more active in men than in women d. both B and C

Pattern of inheritance

All of the offspring of a white hen and a black rooster are grey. The simplest explanation for this pattern of inheritance is: a. Incomplete dominance b. Multiple alleles c. Sex linkage d. Independent assortment

Mendelian ratio

In order to get the expected Mendelian ratio in a monohybrid cross, it is important to be able to observe: a. four offspring b. one for each box in the Punnett square c. many offspring d. one phenotype for each genotype that is expected e. more recessive phenotypes than dominant phenotypes

Mendelian Genetics Problem

A cross between plants with red flowers and plants with white flowers produces plants with pink flowers. If two of these pink-flowered plants are crossed, what is the chance that pink-flowered plants will be produced? 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%

In heritance of hemophilia

Hemophilia is caused by a mutation in a gene on the x chromosomes. Draw a pedigree of a family where one daughter and one son of the couple's children has hemophilia. The other two children are not hemophiliac. Describe how one might figure out if these two have a chance ( and what that chance is ) of passing hemophilia on to th

Determining blood type inheritance

The fathers blood group is AB. The potential sons blood group is B mother is blood group A. 1) Draw a mating/ cross diagram to show what the mothers geno type would be in respect to ABO blood group. 2) work out the probability that the child she conceived with the father would have a B blood group, please show f

View of technology advances on designer babies

As technology advances, the issue of "designer babies" and gene therapy seem to become a very real issue. In your opinion, do you think we should explore "modifying" genes? If so, in which cases? What do you think about the implications for altering genes for health reasons (e.g., a genetic disorder) vs. altering genes for co

Completed Punnett Square and Answers to all questions

Part 1: Genetics â?" From Genes to Proteins, Mutations (Chapter 10) Overview: Genetic information in DNA is transcribed to RNA and then translated into the amino acid sequence of a Protein. A) Step 1 - Transcription: During the process of transcription, the information in the DNA codons of a gene is transcribed into RNA.

Biological and Humanistic Approaches to Personality

I need help with analyzing the biological and humanistic approaches to personality. o Use Maslow's hierarchy of needs to discuss the extent to which growth needs influence personality formation. o Describe biological factors that influence the formation of personality. o Examine the relationship of biologica

hemophilia probability

A couple is both phenotypically normal, but their son suffers from hemophilia. Draw a pedigree that shows the genotype of the 3 individuals. What fractions of their children are likely to suffer from hemophilia? What fractions are likely to be carriers?

Calculating Phenotypes/Genotypes in Rabbits

Please view the attached file for proper formatting. In rabbits, coat colour is controlled by multiple alleles of a gene. The coat colour of an ordinary wild type rabbit is called agouti, where each coat hair has bands of grey, yellow and black. The allele for agouti is represented by the capital letter C. Chinchilla rabb

Genetics, Genes, Proteins, Mutation, Punnett Square

Complete all three parts and answer all questions. Remember to turn in Punnett Square for Part 2. Part 1: Genetics â?" From Genes to Proteins, Mutations Overview: Genetic information in DNA is transcribed to RNA and then translated into the amino acid sequence of a Protein. A) Step 1 - Transcription: During the proces

Genetic problems regarding gene mapping of linked genes

Problem 1 A female mouse with yellow-mottled fur, eye-ear reduction and regular teeth was mated to a male mouse with dark gray fur, normal eye-ear size and irregular teeth. The F1 females were all wild type, that is, dark gray fur, normal eye-ear size and regular teeth. The F1 males had yellow-mottled fur, eye-ear reduction a

Ethics and Biology in DNA screening

Please explain the biological ethics with the following: According to insurance providers they believe their companies are unfairly having to insure people with high probability of inheriting debilitative diseases. My question.. Can certain types of DNA screening protect individuals from these discriminatory actions?

Clinical background to sickle cell anemia

We Select a clinical problem with a genetic component (i.e. Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus Type I and HLA-DQ) in our area of interest. We can pick an existing paradigm or be creative and speculative. Just pick a gene or loci that has clinical impact for either diagnostic or prognostic reasons. infectious diseases and most

Genetic Testing in the work place

Need help in writing a paper regarding the topic covered below. Make your argument out in terms of utilitarian and eontological considerations The Genetic Testing Program at Burlington Northern Railway set the standard for what NOT to do. Railroad Agrees to Stop Gene-Testing Workers By Sarah Schafer. What is the one