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Inheritance of color blindness

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A woman referred to as individual A marries a man, individual B. Both have normal color vision. They have 3 children. Child AB1 is a son with normal color vision. Child AB2 is also a son but he is red green colorblind. The third child, son AB3, is red green colorblind as well. AB1 son marries a woman, S, with normal vision. They have a son who is red green color blind, AB4. Son AB3
Give the genotype of the following individuals:
Individual A
Individual B
Individual S
Individual Q

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Red green color blindness is usually a sex-linked disorder. We need to keep this in mind when we work out the alleles and their relation to each other. Let's start by summarizing the individuals and their phenotypes.

Mother A - normal vision
Father B- normal vision

Because neither parent has red green color blindness a recessive allele is immediately suspect.

Son AB1 - normal
Son AB2 - red green color blind
Son AB3 - red green color blind

The most ...

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Examination of the inheritance of a sex-linked trait in a given pedigree.