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Conclusions related to sickle cell anemia based on a gel eltrophoresis sample image.

Order of alleles

I have a question from class where we have to write out the genotype of the triply heterozygous mother (given the frequency of the progeny). What I'm having trouble understanding is, how can it be determined what order to write the alleles in if the chromosome number isn't given or if it doesn't state if its sex-linked? Is the

Consider the following two genotypes AABB, aabb

Consider the following two genotypes: AABB , aabb where A and B are dominant and a and b are recessive: 1) What is the genotype of the F1 progeny from an AABB x aabb cross? 2) Construct a Punnet square of the F1 self cross (i.e. F1 x F1). What are the genotypic ratios from this testcross? What are the phenotypic ratios?

identifying transcription factors

If you isolated a cDNA coding of an unknown gene transcription factor, determine how you could perform the following: (i) isolation of genomic gene encoding for the cDNA and the characterization of the structure, (ii) the chromosomal location of the gene, (iii) and identity of the genes within a cell whose expression is potenti

Genentech Research Paper

Subject: Organizational Behavior Business to research: Genentech Website: 1. Develop an outline for your paper accordingly: provide a brief history of the company including their products and services and how they go to market. For example, what were their primary products in the begi

Stages of Meiosis and Ploidy

Name the phase in which a sister chromatid begins to separate from each other. Give the name for homologous chromosomes being in separate cells at the end of cell division. Give the name for the phase in which homologous chromosomes appear. Give the name of the phase in which a homologous chromosome breaks apart and beg

The context of breeding a champion bull is presented.

A farmer breeds a champion bull with a good quality cow of the same breed. Discuss why the offspring from the champion bull may not necessarily have the attributes to become champions themselves. Include simple diagrams and describe how the characters resulting in a favourable phenotype arise and the importance of combinations

Sickle Cell Disease Mutation

Sickle-cell disease results from a point mutation in the second nucleotide of the codon GAA, changing it to GUA. This results in a change in the amino acid at position 6 in the hemoglobin protein. This solution shows the effect that this mutation would have on the amino acid encoded by this codon, using as an example an RNA mol

Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Question

Please help with the following problem. If the frequency of the dominant phenotypes (AA + Aa) is 0.8 and the population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, can you calculate the allele frequencies? Can you calculate the genotype frequencies? Show your calculations.

Three questions on various genetics topics.

1. Two mothers give birth to sons at the same time in a busy urban hospital. The son of couple #1 is afflicted with hemophilia A. Neither parent has the disease. Couple #2 has a normal son despite the fact that the father has hemophilia A. The two couples sue the hospital in court claiming that a careless doctor swapped their b

Discussion of Probability and Explanation of Dihybrid Cross

Understanding Inheritance and probability If we perform a F1 cross of the corn we can predict the probabilities of obtaining a particular outcome. For example, we can ask; what is the probability of getting a purple smooth corn seed from a dihybrid F1 cross of PpSs?

short answer help

please answer these questions: Short Answers 1. Diagram the process of meiosis using the four chromosomes given below. 2. A father has dimples, the mother does not have dimples, and one of their three children have dimples but the other two do not. Dimples (D) are dominant over no dimples (d). Give the probable gen

Comparing codon sequences for protein products

7. Below are genetic sequences for a gene found in four different species. Which species are the most closely related? Species A: AGT-CTA-CTT-ACT-ATC-CTA Species B: AGT-CTA-CTT-ACC-ATC-CTA Species C: AGT-AAA-CTT-ACC-ATC-CTA Species D: AGA-CTA-TTT-ACC-ATG-CTA a. Species A and B b. Species A and C c. Species A and D d. Species

Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium

Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium a) Address the following Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium problem. i) A population of iguanas on the Galapagos Islands has 20 individuals with webbed feet and 180 individuals with the dominant trait of non-webbed feet. What are the frequencies of webbed feet and non-webbed feet traits in thi

PKU (Phenylketonuria)

1. PKU (Phenylketonuria) is an inherited disease caused by a recessive allele. If a woman and her husband, who are both carriers have three children, what is the probability that (a) no children with disease (b)1 child with disease (c) 2 children with disease (d) 3 children with disease. *Please show all your wor

L. monocytogenes

1.) Discuss how L. monocytogenes causes foodborne disease and why it's a significant pathogen.

Hypothesis for single start codon and triple stop codon

I need help with this question. I just need some steps in figuring it out Im totally lost Recall that mRNA has one start codon and three codons. based on what you know about process of gene expression, hypothesize why it would be benefecial to have only one start codon but three stop codons in this process.


Given the assigned sequence of RNA, write down its three reading frames and identify the open reading frame (ORF) A U G G G A U U A U C C A U A C G G C C A C C U U G A Please see the attached file. Please give clear complete explanations!

Genetic map of 3 linked genes found on the same chromosome

In corn, the following recessive genes have been identified on chromosome 3: yg = yellow green seedlings wx = waxy endosperm bz = bronze color From a three point testcross between plants heterozygous for all three genes and plants homozygous recessive for all three genes, the following data

Examining DNA plasmid restriction digest

Hi again. I am attaching a document that provides details on a lab to be done dealing with DNA sequencing. I am looking for assistance in two areas of this lab: 1) p. 67 - questions 1, 2 and 3 These questions ask: 1. how do you predict the DNA bands produced after digesting a recombinant plasmid. How do you know what size

Clarify nature-nurture.

In life span development one of the major develpment issues is nature-nurture. What is this issue and why is it important to the study of human life span development?

Question on isolating mechanisms

______ would prevent interbreeding between two species of fish living in the same habitat. a. sympatric isolating mechanisms b. equilibrium isolating mechanisms c. reproductive isolating mechanisms d. allopatric isolating mechanisms e. preadaptive isolating mechanisms


The migration of breeding individuals between populations causes a corresponding movement of alleles, which is referred to as: a. genetic drift b. directional selection c. natural selection d. gene flow e. mutation

What can cause a change in allele frequency

I need to understand the answer to the following multiple choice question. Which of the following causes changes in allele frequencies? a. genetic drift b. mutation c. natural selection d. gene flow from migration e. all of these

Conditions needed to meet hardy-weinberg predictions

In order to meet the conditions of the Hardy-Weinberg predictions, a population must: a. mutate very quickly b. have a high rate of natural selection c. have a large number of immigrants d. have extensive mating rituals e. be very large

Hardy Weinberg principle.

The Hardy Weinberg principle of genetic equilibrium tells us what to expect when a sexually reproducing population is: a. at genetic equilibirium b. growing c. migrating d. evolving e. mutatiing