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Determining blood type inheritance

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The fathers blood group is AB.

The potential sons blood group is B

mother is blood group A.

1) Draw a mating/ cross diagram to show what the mothers geno type would be in respect to ABO blood group.

2) work out the probability that the child she conceived with the father would have a B blood group, please show full working and clear explanation as i really need to understand this.


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Blood type is based on the antigens expressed on the surface of red blood cells. There are two types of antigens, type A and type B. The absence of either antigen results in the type O blood type (O= no antigen).

Inheritance of blood group is attributed to a combination of 2 of the 3 possible alleles at a single gene. Let's call the locus that controls the blood type I (this is the convention used to represent this locus).

I = the gene

A, B, O = possible alleles

For blood type there are three different alleles that can occur that this locus that correspond to the antigens produced and therefore the blood type. Allele A results in the production of A antigens. Allele B results in the production of B antigens. Allele O results in not antigen produced. These alleles exhibit a co-dominant relationship. Therefore:

1. A person with ...

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Several paragraphs explaining how blood types are inherited and how to determine the blood type from parental genotype. Web references provided.