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    Risks and benefits of genetic engineering.

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    What are the benefits of genetic engineering versus the potential risks? Do you think genetic engineering provides useful information for the scientific investigation of our natural world or do you think that we should not "mess with Mother Nature"?

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    Genetic engineering introduces genes into species of plants, animals, bacteria, fungi or viruses that do not possess those genes naturally. Many time these genes are from different species or even different kingdoms, and they endow the host species with desirable characteristics. For example genes can be introduced into plants that make them more resistant to insect pests, increasing the yield of crops.

    The most wide-ranging impact from genetic engineering comes from increasing the ability of plants to grow in ...

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    This solution details the benefits and risks of genetic engineering. It discusses the positive impact that genetically modifying plants or other species could have upon human well-being, in addition to the potential risks that are inherent with this technology.