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Socialization & Interaction

Kibbutzims, Communes, Middle Class & Social Order

Please provide help and discussion of the questions listed below: Question #1 Are there any controls on the kibbutz leaders those who are "more powerful"? Can the people who voted them in would they be able to get rid of them if things are not going right? Are they there whether or not they do a job that benefits the kibb

Socialization What does this video have to do with the socialization process? 1. A Gang is Born 2. Undercover Warlocks These videos can be found under People and Places, and then Bikers and Mobsters short answers please.


Assistance required for the following assignment: STEP ONE Write a short paragraph refreshing my memory regarding the organization or subdivision of that organization that you are studying in your SLP. STEP TWO Describe the values and norms that might be unique to your organization.

The use of chat rooms as social movement is discussed.

Chat rooms are similar in many ways to a gathering of individuals that happens in person. Ideas are discussed, beliefs, prejudices and values are aired. With the possibility of posting pictures to your site, people can see what you look like. People discuss their preferences of movies, books, food etc. on these chat sites. T

What functions do status, role, primary groups, and secondary groups play in social interactions between different racial and ethnic groups. List one example of each. In the last decade what social movements have been noted in the United States? What implications have these movements had on todayâ??s culture?

What functions do status, role, primary groups, and secondary groups play in social interactions between different racial and ethnic groups. List one example of each. Status: Status is usually based on wealth, position or prestige. In most cases status is respected regardless of race or ethnicity. For example a baseball ma

Media and the standards of beauty.

Using your selected topic, prepare a response in which you describe the relationship between media literacy and the responsible consumption of popular culture. In your paper, do the following: Select one form of media such as print advertisements, television shows, motion pictures, or music and discuss how your selected form

Does the name we are given affect our later success in life?

The article, "Sticks and Stones May Break...In Reality, Names May Indeed Hurt You", is an interesting article about the power of a name to either benefit an individual or hurt them. The authors contend that names that a society is familiar and comfortable with are names that portray confidence, power and success. These are nam

Reality TV: Voyeurism in America

Sociological Snapshots: Confessions of a Soap Opera Addict This article discusses the observations of a professor who finds himself addicted to soap operas. It begins with a time in his life when he was working on his thesis and did this from home while his wife was watching soap operas. At first he tried to ignore them but

This discussion is a summary and reaction to an article regarding violence in city schools. The article contends that extra-curricular activities provided by the school would help limit violence.

Jack Levin Book Sociological Snapshots 5 Violence in City Schools Page 61 Summary: Violence in City Schools: What Principals are Doing to Stem the Rising Tide This article addresses the problem of violence in schools. Statistics are given which support the argument that adolescents and teens commit crimes in the afterno

This is a summary and reaction to an article called "Can Hate be Healed"

The title of the article is "Can Hate Be Healed: The Difference Between Cultural and Pathological Prejudice." Summary The article describes two specific stories. In the first a 30 year old Muslim man, who has suffered with bipolar disorder in the past, entered a Jewish Federation office and began shooting people. He kill

Max Weber and Bureaucracy

Max Weber identified the five basic characteristics of bureaucracy ~ division of labor, hierarchy of authority, written rules and regulations, iimpersonality and employment based on technical qualifications. How would you apply Weber's five characteristics to a workplace. To what degree does it correspond to Weber's ideal type

Strengths and Weaknesses

The functionalist, conflict, and interactionist perspectives can all be used in analyzing social institutions. What are the strengths and weaknesses in each perspective's analysis of those institutions?

Nature of Thought Paper

Â?¢ Write a paper in which you explain the nature of thought. â?¢ Outline your own perceptual process and describe the types of perceptual blocks that influence your views. â?¢ Explain thought processes and how they are changed or manipulated by perception. â?¢ Include the following in your paper:

What is the relevance of working in teams and their advantages/disadvantages?

What experiences have you had working with teams? Have these been positive experiences? Why or why not? What have you learned from these experiences? How are teams used in the workplace? How are teams used in education, athletics, or the arts? What are the advantages to teamwork? Give specific examples and at least two refer

Future of modernization

O How does modernization manifest itself in U.S. society? Use one of the modern theorists introduced in Ch. 16 as a basis for your response. o Is modernization likely to continue in the U.S.? Explain your answer. o Is modernization a world-wide trend? o What are the consequences of modernization? o Which theorist best refle

Welfare Comparison

Construct a 250-300 word post addressing the following question. Comparing the U.S., Germany, and Japan, what is the right amount of "welfare" a country should have? Support your answer with information from at least one outside source.

What is normative behavior. how much culture influence norms. ,,,,,

Identify a norm in our society or American culture. What is normative behavior (folkways, mores, and taboos) and how might culture influence norms? What might the reactions be of our society if you violate a norm? Would you consider this behavior to be inappropriate in all societies? Why or why not? Your discussion should inc

Social Interactions

What functions do status, role, primary groups, and secondary groups play in social interactions between different racial and ethnic groups. List one example of each.

Social Groups:Relevance

Discuss the myriad ways in which social groups are the essence of human life in society. What is the critical element for one to have a group? Explain using in-group / out-group terms. Please give me your personal response, not from a websites. If you could provide examples that would be fantastic too. I need a least 1 page d

One's Self

It has been suggested that growing old in the United States may not be a very good place to find one's self. Why? Please provide examples using Ageism and Age stratification. Please give me your personal response, not from a websites. If you could provide examples that would be fantastic too.

Factors contributing to Prejudice and Discrimination

1. What are the major factors contributing to prejudice and discrimination? What might we do to reduce the levels of hate that pervade our society? Please use following term (ethnicity, racism, minority, stereotype, genocide, segregation) in answering the questions. Please give me your personal response, not from a websites.

Sociology - Billy Jack's Life and Death

I am working on a project for school (500 words). The topic I picked is Billy Jack's Life and Death but I am little confuse with it. Please help me get started: TASK: Go to the web site below, Frontline. Review and analyze one of the topics at the site. Write about your thoughts and findings. Cite and reference in accord

Sociology: Cultural Diversity

Interview for Cultural Diversity Class? Situate yourself in society. Are you part of any minority group? HAve you been discriminated against because of your ethnicity and race? Has any relevant historical event affected you, your elders or people who share your ethnicity? What political and socio-economical events has affect


Discuss the relocation of people based on race/ethnicity, comparing Japanese American internment camps and Indian Reservations.


What is meant by the term "model minority?" Discuss the evidence on both sides regarding whether the term applies to Asian Americans.


I started on this but I don't if I did anything of this right or wrong so if you can please me I really appreciate it very and I am going to add and attach with what I got so please help me Click on the link at the bottom of this assignment. Read the material carefully (including quotations on slavery from each president), an

Disabilities and Society

These questions are relate to disabilities and Society. Please provide ideas and examples on the following: 1. Are we afraid of the unknown? 2. If so, why do young children approach me and my wheelchair with no fear or hesitation? 3. And why are there people who are willing to risk physical harm and death to explore ca