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    Understanding Collective Heritage

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    How can better understanding our collective cultural heritage and shared humanity across time and geographic place help us to be better stewards of a global future? What role or roles do you believe understanding cultural differences across time and throughout the world plays outside academia, if any? Support your response with specific examples or details.

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    Cultural Studies: Collective Heritage

    Our world, at least the social/human component is a myriad of peoples, cultures, languages, histories, traditions and ways of living. Humanity is differentiated from the groups of people that make it up due to geographic, chronological and socio-cultural/ethnic elements. Today, we recognise this as a wealth of cultural heritage that is the legacy of our forefathers through eons of human history. From it we draw our unique individual, ethnic and national identities. They are elements of our individual and group personas and what we see as our individual, ethnic and cultural heritage differentiates us from each other, our unique social identifiers. They are important because they shape our socialization - the family and communities we have, the social institutions that inform and government our societies and nations. However, while the differences are clear between ethnic cultures, in our world today we recognise this diversity as part of our collective heritage. In the course of human history cultures and peoples have met, assimilated, clashed, come in conflict, conquered, let-go and then come to recognize each other. It is undeniable that human history is one of conquest and wars as men and the leaders that rose among them tried to conquer each other for land and resources. Our earliest ancestors struggled against the natural world to survive, by the time ...

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