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Socialization & Interaction

Socialization: communication and classification

Aristotle's Classification Scheme 1). A speaker such as Barack Obama, what is it about this speaker that makes his communication memorable? 2). Using Aristotle's classification scheme, decide whether you believe this speaker's power to persuade comes from ethos, pathos, logos, or from a combination of these methods. 3). Ex

The Amish Culture

Can you please help me get an understanding of the Amish culture? Identify the key characteristics of the Amish culture and why the Amish are called a "peculiar" people.

The three major theoretical perspectives in sociology

1). Briefly, compare the differences (in your own words if you like) among the three major theoretical perspectives in sociology (structural-functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism). 2). Give three examples, each of a social work issue from the three theoretical perspectives, used in sociology. Structur

Cultural Point of View

Select a multinational corporation or international nonprofit agency that has encoutered trying to expand globally but was not successful do to cultural differences between workers and customers in other countries. Find ways to avoid these issues. Generate and evaluate reasons why people may not appreciate the cultural point of

Fast Food and American Society

George Ritzer has written extensively on the McDonaldization of society. According to Schaefer, this concept refers to the "enormous influence of a well-known fast-food organization on modern-day culture and social life." Among some of the characteristics of fast food restaurants are a highly specialized division of labor, a hie

Sociological Imagination and Social Phenomena

Schaefer defines the sociological imagination as "an awareness of the relationship between an individual in the wider society, both today and in the past". Let's begin our discussion this week by considering a particular scenario. You are walking down a street in your city or town and observe that more than half the people you s

What is the social construction of reality?

When sociologists speak about the "social construction of reality," what do they mean? And why is it an important concept to take into account when attempting to understand and explain human social behavior? Specifically, explain and discuss W.I. Thomas' statement: if men define a situation as real, it is real in its conseque

Social Stratification: Greater Social Structure of the Community

STEP one Describe the importance of your organization to the community in which it resides; that is, identify ways the organization is important to its community (e.g. major employer, adds to tax base, produces goods important to community, etc.) Does the organization contribute to the community in any other way that might be

Gender Socialization

Based on your understanding of the theory and research on gender socialization, what suggestions would you offer to parents and teachers who want to socialize children into more androgynous and flexible gender roles? Demonstrate how your suggestions counter the negative gendered impact of agents of socialization.

Albert Bandura

Albert Bandura's Social-cognitive learning theory is seen as an aplication and refinement of the classical learning theory that dominated psychology. Bandura drew attention to oberservation learning (vicarious learning). Can you help me describe how "vicarious learning" occurs? Also,, help me understand what are some of th

Communication - group dynamics

What are potential points of conflict within each stage of the group process? What methods of conflict resolution work best at the various stages?

Progressive Model Proposed by Kahn and Rowe

Kahn and Rowe believe a flexible, four-hour module would benefit adults trying to balance work and family life, students trying to balance school with work experience, and senior citizens trying to gradually phase into retirement. For example, they envision a person working eight hours on some days, four hours on others, and dea

Misconstruing and Misinterpreting Research Data

It is easy to mislead readers of research especially when statistics and/or numerical data are involved. Interpretations can be skewed to meet the needs of the entity putting out the data. As consumers of products, we are constantly bombarded by data that is inaccurate or misconstrued to meet the needs of the market. Is there an

The value of a code of ethics is stressed.

Why do sociologists need to follow a code of ethics? What are some ethical concerns of sociological research? How might violation of research ethics affect you as a student, as a sociologist, and as a consumer?

Social Mobility

In your opinion, is the American dream of social mobility a myth? Why or why not?

Specific components of the perspective used in the evaluation

* Evaluate your selected video from the sociological perspective assigned to your Learning Team. -(School girls attack - see attachment) * Team B: Conflict perspective * Describe specific components of the perspective used in the evaluation. about 200 words

Topics in Social Culture

Artifacts of our own cultures surround us. From art and music to architecture and literature, from philosophy and religion to laws and economics, we live among cultural artifacts that have deep roots. Select the single cultural artifact that you believe best represents the culture in which we live today. Describe in details a

Socio-Political and Economic Environment

How can better understanding our collective cultural heritage and shared humanity across time and geographic place help us to be better stewards of a global future? What role or roles do you believe understanding cultural differences across time and throughout the world plays outside academia, if any? Support your response with

Topics in Social Culture

What are some of the philosophies that influenced Latin America? In what way did they impact the cultures of Latin America? What contributions to society did folk and elite caudillos bring to Latin American society? What impact did the encroachment of Europeans have upon the New World?

trends affecting social welfare

Discuss current trends affecting social welfare . Do modern trends favor the solution of social issues? What are the most effective social welfare organizations today in your opinion, and why?

Social Institution

Please I need help with this: Write a short paragraph refreshing my memory regarding the organization or subdivision of that organization that you are studying in your SLP. Describe the role of your organization in the communities in which it is a member. If your organization is part of a larger organization, show how

Specific components of the perspective used in the evaluation

* Evaluate your selected video from the sociological perspective assigned to your Learning Team. ( Three Cups of Tea) * Team A: Functionalist perspective * Describe specific components of the perspective used in the evaluation. about 200 words.

Socialization is contextualized.

1) Compare and contrast the sociological viewpoints of: a) Structure-Functionalism; b) Conflict; and c) Interaction. 2) Using the viewpoints discussed in Step 1, state and defend your position as to: a) whether or not organizations have identifiable cultures; and b) whether or not organizations can be defined by their cu

Social Movement within the last decade

Come up with a brief comment or opinion as to the social movement within the last decade to these to two items Item #1) I need a brief paragrah response or comment to the topic below. The new environmental movement has grown significantly from earlier decades. Today, environmentalists and others have realized that the en