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Presentation of Self

In your solution, please discuss the following:

Define and discuss the concept of 'presentation of self'. Describe how it applies and is related to the social group that the individual tends to associate with. Additionally, discuss the impact that group influence has on presentation of self.

Use examples to illustrate your points.

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In many circumstances, we can make an accurate assumption of how an individual was raised, or the type of group they associate with, based on how they talk, act, and/or dress. However, contrary to this, many individuals change their personality as they move away from their family and often the individual adopts the way they present themselves based on a group's influence. A group's influence has a big impact on a person's presentation of ...

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This solution defines the concept of 'presentation of self' and how it is related to the group an individual most often associates with. It also discusses the impact that group influence has on one's presentation of self.