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    Self: Feeling, Gender, Humor

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    Please discuss the presentation of self. It is focused on the influences of feeling, gender, and humor. Also, please include the role of the family, schools, and peer groups and their influences on the presentation of self.

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    It is commonly accepted that a Sociologist named Erving Goffman back in 1959 first introduced the concept of Presentation of Self. His theory basically revolves around the idea that life is like a theater. What we see acted out in front of us occurs through human and social interaction. As this occurs, we begin to develop a sense our own 'self' and portray that in front of others through role-playing. Basically, we become the performers, acting out our self-being for all to see (Goffman, 1959). Since that time, Sociology has embraced this idea and focused on a discussion of how feeling, gender, and humor influence the presentation of self. In addition, there are other ...

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    The influences on feelings, gender and humor are provided. The role of the family, schools and peer groups and their influences on the presentation of self are given.