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    In regards to Steven Soderbergh's 1989 Sex, Lies, and Videotapes...please provide notes on some of the following:

    Genre, subject, topic, plot, setting, and main characters, major themes, issues the film raises, main purpose, style, direction,editing, acting, lighting and music, the film's strengths and weaknesses.

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    When brainstorming Soderbergh's Sex, Lies, and Videotape, many critics label this film as quite strong and even a critical point in cinematic history, as it expedited a new movement related to American independent cinema.

    Its thematic exploration of women's sexuality is demonstrated throughout the character of Graham's chronicles. One lascivious example occurs when Cynthia masturbates for Graham's camera. Themes of sex, betrayal, capitalism, love, friendship, and marital strife dominate this film.
    Its topics portray the behaviors and norms the time through complex characters and their intersecting relationships with each other and even within themselves.

    Experts also explicate some of its major themes:

    Denzin, Norman K. "The Postmodern Sexual Order: Sex, Lies And Yuppie Love." Social Science Journal 28.3 (1991): 407. Business Source Premier. Web. 3 May 2016.

    In sum, the author contends that this film exemplifies "postmodern voyeur" as well as the sexual politics of the 1980s. The author further discusses how the film embodies "critical elements of the cultural logics of late capitalism, in particular the logics of love, material possessions, family, and a patriarchal sexual order."

    Stylistically, it employs subtle, understated humor. Its tone is more direct without the lavish sentimentality that typically characterizes most mainstream films.

    The movie's setting is Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The plot explores themes of marital strife between Ann and John. Marital infidelity is also presented as John is having an affair with Ann's sister. John's former college friend, Graham, also emerges a central ...

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