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Touchstone Literature Texts and Children's Books

This job offers a running list of children's books read to you to document your five touchstone texts. For each text, this job records the title, author, and a very brief summary - just enough to help you remember the book. It also chooses and includes a reader response and then suggests teaching points (for language and across the curriculum) and questions that might be used to extend students' thinking.

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Please allow some of my ideas to support you.

As you name your top five books, I suggest these titles and activities:

First, you might choose The Napping House by Don and Audrey Wood. Because of the repetition within this book, it holds students' attention around the theme of sleep from a number of characters. Although the action centers around the character of Granny, it also includes math skills since a pile of sleeping characters also builds humor and suspense. I also think that the repeated phrases are useful for emergent readers.

As you look at a reader response activity, you might have kids pantomime some of the characters and plot from the story to review and recall critical events

As you look at other teaching points, you can have kids play with words by doing a word wizard synonyms mini lesson and locate all the related words in the text for sleep. You can look at verbs in context with sleep synonyms, too. You can use a discussion circle and each kid can talk about his or her favorite blanket, toy, or sleep scenario to further relate and respond to the story and encourage oral discussion.

If you need to add math skills, kids can count and subtract characters as you review the plot.

As you add some science ideas, you can talk about sleeping habits of day versus night animals ...

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