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Social Stratification: Greater Social Structure of the Community

STEP one

Describe the importance of your organization to the community in which it resides; that is, identify ways the organization is important to its community (e.g. major employer, adds to tax base, produces goods important to community, etc.) Does the organization contribute to the community in any other way that might be considered socially responsible? (sponsor community sports, philanthropic contributions, sponsor blood drives ...etc.)

STEP two

Based on this information, what are your thoughts in relation to how this organization fits into and interacts within the greater social structure of the community?

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You will have to think about an organization that you may belong to in your own community--perhaps it is a group that works to reduce child poverty, or a group that works to help women or children who have been abused... it really depends on what you are involved in personally. To help you, I can use a group I belong to in my community. It is actually a local group, but it has a national association: The Junior League. We work in many areas of the community, helping to promote healthy living. We work with schools to help ...

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The solution discusses social stratification including the greater social structure of the community.