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    Criminology, Law, Deviance and Punishment

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    Would you help me get started with the following topics: 1. How do stereotypes distort or misrepresent reality? 2. What is problematic about the metaphorical words that relate to female sexuality? 3. Why doesn't the claim that no harm is meant by the use of ethnic slang terms excuse their use?

    Help in Sociological Theory Paper

    I am writing a paper and need to ensure a sociological theory is good for valid reason (1) concepts must be clearly defined (for everyone/all cultures) (2) statements are logical and consistent through out with regard to definitions etc., I thought that was it but realize the professor needs more, (3) a theory should cover a wid

    Presentation on Application of the Public Health Model

    Application of the Public Health Model ? Read the following: Police have been responding to numerous noise, reckless driving and fight complaints in a commercial area. This area contains a number of restaurants, bars, and several strip malls that attract juveniles and young adults. Within the past week, there have also been t

    Personality Development Theory, Online Studies & Presentation of Self

    1. Do you think that a person's identity becomes fixed in adolescence or is our identity (our idea of who we are) something that changes and develops throughout our life? What makes you think the way you do? How does this compare to Erikson's idea of life long stages? Can people make major and dramatic changes of who they are in

    Peacemaking criminology

    I have to create a report on peacemaking criminology. 1. ) A list and explanation of at least 5 specific things that can be done to bring about change in our core structure.Analysis of why these changes, in light of the ideas of peacemaking criminology, will reduce crime. 2.) Analyze the changes that you would want to m

    Rational Choice Theory

    Need ideas and information for the following: (1) Give Background of the theorist associated with the selected theory. o The person's educational background o The person's professional background o List of theories that the individual has developed (2) The social, political, and economi

    War and Terrorism

    In at least three to four paragraphs, discuss what attitudes and ideologies legitimate wars and terrorism? What steps could be taken to diminish the possibility of war and terrorist acts?

    Crime and Delinquency

    Compare and contrast the roles the prison system, the family, and the social stratification system play in either contributing to or alleviating the problem of crime

    Social Organization

    1. What is full spectrum diversity, and how does it differ from affirmative action? 2. In your opinion, are stereotypes in the media assisting or detracting from the cause of diversity and/or assimilation? In your opinion, what is the effect of media portrayal on promoting diversity consciousness in the workplace?

    Crime Power Point

    Power Point document outlining five hyperlinks to WWW sites that discuss crime, social control, obedience, deviant behavior and/or conformity. For each site you must provide bullet points on its usefulness in relation to a selection from the following criteria as well as a statement regarding the sociological perspective from wh

    The US Penal System: Crime, Punishment, Rehabilitation

    Locate an article that discusses the current state of the penal system in the US. From the article answer the following questions; Do we punish inmates or are they rehabilitated? Should inmates be rewarded with free education? What is your opinion of the death penalty? What purpose is it said to serve? Do you think i

    Disabilities and Society

    -Why do the media use stereotypes? Since their purpose as a private company is to make a profit and stereotypes help them capture an audience to sell to investors or advertisers, what incentive do they have to challenge them? Considering their power to influence our culture, what is their moral responsibility to try and change t

    Gun violence

    Need some help in preparing a 4 paragraph paper on why the United States has high rates of gun violence when compared to other industrialized nations. Provide statistics on how the U.S. compares to other nations in terms of gun violence. Explain your perspective on why the United States has such a high rate of gun violence.

    Pros and Cons of Boot camp

    I have a research paper to write about the pros and cons about the goals of boot camp. Do these programs improve the offender's attitudes, make them more employable and reduce recidivism? Having trouble starting the paper and really need an outline or some sort of structure to work from.

    Context of use of variable: fear

    We are going to conduct a study on the effects of crime on people's attitudes toward certain issues such as gun control. Our working hypothesis is that high levels of crime increase peoples fear which in turn influences their attitudes toward gun control legislation. In this scenario fear would be considered a. an operational

    People's Attitudes Towards New Program

    In order to better understand people's attitudes toward the new program, you ask a series of questions with the responses: Strongly agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly disagree. These responses for this question would be considered a. mutually exclusive attributes b. mutually exclusive variables c. mutually exclusive

    White Collar and Political Crimes

    White Collar and Political Crimes You have been hired as a criminologist to assist the Farm Worker's Union. The Union is making the following allegations: Each year thousands of farm workers are sickened by exposure to pesticides used on the farms where they work. Exposure occurs when workers are in the fields and helicopt

    Decision Making Skills

    Please discuss the following: a. How to develop appropriate skills? b. What are good practices for decision making? c. Peer choices: Pro's and Con's of choices.

    Alcohol Use

    Provide a full( 300 words or more) explanation of the alcohol disease concept with a discussion of what roles family members play in the concept. Please use APA format for the references.

    Poverty in the United States

    Task: What is the "poverty line" in the United States? How would you contrast poverty in the United States to poverty in Asia or Latin America? Have the poverty rates in the United States increased or decreased over the last decade? What do you think are the major factors related to people becoming poor or having troubl

    Ethical Issue Problem

    I need Help in analysing the simulated ethics problem below: Lynn is the assistant to the manager of a mentoring program for women re-entering the work force. A client asks her to attend her graduation from the training program to which the mentoring program had referred her. The client adds that the party to celebrate the gr

    Terrorism, The Military & the Radical's view of the West/America

    Problem discussed: Current research indicates that even if the United States were to withdraw all its military forces from Iraq and the surrounding Muslim countries, radical terrorists would continue with their war against this country. One of the main reasons for this, from their point of view, is because of U. S. tourists

    What are the causes of prejudice?

    I need help answering 9 questions for Social Problems: I need some assistance answering and understanding the following 9 questions. No special structure. Any help would be appreciated. 1. What are the causes of prejudice? What can be done to reduce prejudice in the United States? Be sure to use your textbook and discuss t

    Conflict Resolution

    Conflict Resolution Resource: Ch. 12 in Effective Communication for Criminal Justice Professionals Grubb, R. E. Jr., & Hemby, K. V.. (2003). Effective communication for criminal justice professionals. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Group. Imagine you were an officer confronted with one of the following hostage situation

    Advantages and disadvantages - stun guns and patrol care video surveillance.

    The advantages of police using stun guns and patrol care video surveillance. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of technology in law enforcement. Read Ch. 10 and 12 in Effective Communication for Criminal Justice Professionals. Grubb, R. E. Jr., & Hemby, K. V.. (2003). Effective communication for criminal justice

    The Significance of Miranda

    ? Resource: Web site: http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/data/constitution/amendment05/09.html#1 ? Review the above Web site on Miranda v. Arizona (1966). Describe the significance of Miranda v. Arizona (1966). See attachment - Miranda v Arizona (1966)