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    Peacemaking, Crime, Reduction

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    I have to create a report on peacemaking criminology.

    1. ) A list and explanation of at least 5 specific things that can be done to bring about change in our core structure.Analysis of why these changes, in light of the ideas of peacemaking criminology, will reduce crime.

    2.) Analyze the changes that you would want to make to our core structure. ****include if you think there should be any changes brought about in the punishment laws? Give reasons to support your answer.
    ****include if there should be specific curriculum included in school and college syllabus which would teach students on interpersonal cohesiveness? Give reasons to support your answer.
    ****include what initiatives can the government make in order to reduce hatred, greed and selfishness among people?

    3.)Identify the steps that you would follow to make the change in our core structure. Identify the impact that these changes will have on our society and criminology.

    4.)Analyze the feasibility of these changes. Will the changes, you have thought of, promote interpersonal cohesiveness among people and help to reduce crime?

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    Dear Student,
    Hello. The solution below provides a discussion/narrative that tackles the problems you presented in your posting. Since you did not specify the materials you are using for this class, I had to make some assumptions as to the terms and subjects your questions are referring to. Don't worry - they are the general referents to the terms in criminology. I hope this solution helps - happy holidays.

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Core Structure Changes Proposal

    In criminology, core structure refers to the social agencies and institutions that perform functions and roles which allow for law enforcement to be practiced and applied for the purpose of providing order, justice and peace. Recall, however that said structures are socially constructed, mandated, affected and influenced by the contract between citizens and the government - the Constitution. Proposing core changes mean understanding internal structures - the most fundamental of all in the criminal justice system (
    Law enforcement, courts, corrections and juvenile justice) and proposing addendums, amendments and changes to them. For the purpose of discussion, I will 'imagine' the applications core changes will have in community policing (for this is the most far reaching effect) and peacemaking and propose the following core changes below:

    1. Tying economic and sustainable development in creating social policies with regards to policing, law enforcement and crime-fighting: A recent UK study (Weymouth PD, 2009) showed that economic sustainability supports existing communities and contributes to creating safe, and sustainable mixed communities.

    2. Tying policing work towards a multicultural society: An understanding of diversity allows for law enforcement to understand motivation and factors brought about by cultural and ethnic differences in relation to economic and social causes of crime. Focus on diplomacy influence by an understanding of cultural differences and similarities are a must.

    3. Focus on Crime Type and tying said crime type to incidence & particular social causes - by studying causes, preventative measures can be applied not just by law enforcement but pertinent bodies of government; the fight here is preventative, making the motivators to certain crimes disappear.

    4. Focus on Anti-social behaviour, deprivation, socialization and diversity - on ...

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    The solution provides a discussion/narrative that tackles the problems posted in the original problem (see long description). It discusses the idea of peacemaking in criminology and provides suggestions of changes in the core structure of law enforcement agencies geared at resolving conflict diplomatically and efficiently towards positive resolutions. Additional narratives discussing possible options regarding punishment law as well as altering or mitigating general attitude towards peacemaking and criminality is also presented. Steps are presented to suggest approaches in implementing core changes. A feasibility analysis of said suggested changes is included to assess effectiveness in combating criminality. The solution is in the form of an APA format essay, references are provided. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.