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Provide a full( 300 words or more) explanation of the alcohol disease concept with a discussion of what roles family members play in the concept. Please use APA format for the references.

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The solution is a comprehensive essay in the APA format with web & print references that are easy to access for expansion. It provides students/researchers the necessary information that explains alcohol, alcoholic beverages, alcoholism & the problems associated with it as well as the role of family in rehabilitation. A word version is attached for easy printing.

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Dear Student,
While I know that a really short solution would suffice, I have decided to create this full comprehensive essay solution written in the APA format for you with web & print references that are easy to access for expansion. It provides you the necessary information that explains alcohol, alcohol beverages, alcoholism & the problems associated with it as well as the role of family in rehabilitation. Good luck, I hope this helps. Happy Holidays. Attached is the word version for easy printing.

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Alcohol: A General Picture

Chemically, alcohol is that organic compound where a hydroxyl group (-OH) is bound to a carbon atom of an alkyl or substituted alkyl group where the general formula for a simple acyclic alcohol is CnH2n+1OH. Ethanol, the original result of fermentation using grain/fruits/herbs practiced since the ancient times to promote spirits or beverages is the kind of alcohol many generally refer to when they are describing alcoholic beverages (i.e. beer, wine, liquor, spirits). Most nations around the world regulate the distribution and consumption of alcohol primarily because alcohol, consumption is standard practice in just about any culture or society but also due to the effects of the alcohol to the system. Too much alcohol can lead to varied health problems aside from the obvious instant effects - drunkenness, one of the main causes of vehicular accidents in countries like the US and the UK. Alcohol related deaths in the US in 2001 numbered at 75,754 fatalities. Health studies however do show that alcohol, when taken in moderation does have health benefits. These include lower risk of heart attacks, lower risk of diabetes, lowered risk of stroke and increased longevity. The act of consuming beverages in most societies including that of the West is part of the culture. The UK, France, Germany, Italy, the US all have their own versions of the Bar scene. In fact just about any nation has its own type of 'alcoholic drink' that their people identify as part of their trademark. The Mexicans for example have their tequila, the Irish their Gin & Whiskey, the Scots their Rum, the Germans brew over 1,000 different varieties of beer, the Japanese have their Sake, the Russians their Vodka and the French are connoisseurs of wine. To get ...

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