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Criminology, Law, Deviance and Punishment

Judicial Decision Making Analysis

I need help with this Select a famous legal case from Read the decision and interpret what the judicial influence(s) might have been on the decision. This analysis should focus on legal subculture, judicial background, political party affiliation, public

Terrorists in the future

What is the future you can predict of terrorist activities around the global society? Give examples.

Referring to Cohen's article on the culture of the gang, discuss the major problem of adjustment faced by working-class boys. 1. Using Cohen's ideas, relate how a delinquent subculture could resolve this problem. 2. Do you think that Cohen's ideas, although first expressed in the 1950s, have any relevance today for understanding the circumstances of working-class youth? Support your discussion.

What is the major problem of adjustment faced by working-class boys? The major problem is a loss or respect and a feeling of inferiority. These are caused by the fact that though the lower class boys have fewer opportunities to succeed they are judged by the same standards as the middle class boys who have significantly more

What is meant by the concept of social disorganization? Identify three indicators that could be measured to capture the concept of social disorganization. Justify your answers.

What is meant by the concept of social disorganization? Identify three indicators that could be measured to capture the concept of social disorganization. Justify your answers. Also, make certain that your indicators can be measured in some way; in other words, the indicators must be some type of empirical data. For example,

Terrorist groups

How and why terrorist groups use (and/or abuse) religions in employing terrorist tactics?


How and why suicide missions have been becoming critical for attacking civilians and military targets? What is so unique about suicide terrorism?


How are terrorists different from the common people? What are some of their demographic, social, and personalty characteristics? Give examples.

Short answer questions

1) Briefly explain learning theory. 2) Discuss briefly the use of label theory to explain juvenile delinquency. What are the racial implications of the theory? 3) Evaluate the concepts of shaming and restorative justice. 4) Define control theory, and compare the contributions of Reiss, Reckless, and Hirschi.

Violent Crimes

Why are certain groups committing violent crimes and how can the system correct the problem? What do statistics indicate as to which group or groups commit the most violent crimes? Is it reasonable to believe the judicial system is so prejudiced?

Applying problem solving

Choose two different real-world problems you have encountered. The problems should be chosen with the intention of applying persuasive thinking as a solution to one and scientific thinking as a solution to the other.

Prison Term Policy

I writing a paper where I am a criminologist advisor to a member of the state legislature. The legislature soon votes on a bill that would double the maximum prison term for anyone convicted of armed robbery. My boss knows the bill is popular, but wonders if it will do much good. What recommendations would I make? What are t

Issues in Criminal Law

Is drug testing of students who participate in extracurricular activities permitted under the 4th Amendment? How and why?

Issues in Criminal Law, Hate Speech

Select any ONE constitutional component/amendment (for example, freedom of speech, flag burning, dancing nude, hate speech, freedom of religion, and so forth) of your choice and make your own comments about what you like or dislike about it and why.


Would you help me get started with the following topics: 1. How do stereotypes distort or misrepresent reality? 2. What is problematic about the metaphorical words that relate to female sexuality? 3. Why doesn't the claim that no harm is meant by the use of ethnic slang terms excuse their use?

Help in Sociological Theory Paper

I am writing a paper and need to ensure a sociological theory is good for valid reason (1) concepts must be clearly defined (for everyone/all cultures) (2) statements are logical and consistent through out with regard to definitions etc., I thought that was it but realize the professor needs more, (3) a theory should cover a wid

Presentation on Application of the Public Health Model

Application of the Public Health Model ? Read the following: Police have been responding to numerous noise, reckless driving and fight complaints in a commercial area. This area contains a number of restaurants, bars, and several strip malls that attract juveniles and young adults. Within the past week, there have also been t

Personality Development Theory, Online Studies & Presentation of Self

1. Do you think that a person's identity becomes fixed in adolescence or is our identity (our idea of who we are) something that changes and develops throughout our life? What makes you think the way you do? How does this compare to Erikson's idea of life long stages? Can people make major and dramatic changes of who they are in

Peacemaking criminology

I have to create a report on peacemaking criminology. 1. ) A list and explanation of at least 5 specific things that can be done to bring about change in our core structure.Analysis of why these changes, in light of the ideas of peacemaking criminology, will reduce crime. 2.) Analyze the changes that you would want to m

Rational Choice Theory

Need ideas and information for the following: (1) Give Background of the theorist associated with the selected theory. o The person's educational background o The person's professional background o List of theories that the individual has developed (2) The social, political, and economi

War and Terrorism

In at least three to four paragraphs, discuss what attitudes and ideologies legitimate wars and terrorism? What steps could be taken to diminish the possibility of war and terrorist acts?

Crime and Delinquency

Compare and contrast the roles the prison system, the family, and the social stratification system play in either contributing to or alleviating the problem of crime

Crime Power Point

Power Point document outlining five hyperlinks to WWW sites that discuss crime, social control, obedience, deviant behavior and/or conformity. For each site you must provide bullet points on its usefulness in relation to a selection from the following criteria as well as a statement regarding the sociological perspective from wh

The US Penal System: Crime, Punishment, Rehabilitation

Locate an article that discusses the current state of the penal system in the US. From the article answer the following questions; Do we punish inmates or are they rehabilitated? Should inmates be rewarded with free education? What is your opinion of the death penalty? What purpose is it said to serve? Do you think i

Disabilities and Society

-Why do the media use stereotypes? Since their purpose as a private company is to make a profit and stereotypes help them capture an audience to sell to investors or advertisers, what incentive do they have to challenge them? Considering their power to influence our culture, what is their moral responsibility to try and change t