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four patterns of partner violence discussed in Mooney

Name and describe the four patterns of partner violence discussed in Mooney.

What are the five behaviors that some parents use in an effort to alienate their children from the other parent?

According to the structural-functionalist perspective, what are two ways in which crime is functional for society?

What are vice crimes? Why are they often thought of as victimless crimes? Describe the Netherlands and the proliferation of vice crimes there.

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1. The four patterns of partner violence Mooney et al (2011) describe are common couple
violence, intimate terrorism, violent resistance and mutual violent control. Common couple
violence occurs when the occasional argument gets out of control. Intimate terrorism is an attempt
to control one's partner, by use of threats of harm and controlling the partner's level of contact with
the outside world or requiring the partner to frequently check in and explain his/her whereabouts.
Violent resistance is a violent act committed in self defense. If a person attacks his or her partner
with a weapon and the partner responds by injuring the attacking partner, as a means of stopping
the act, this is violent resistance. Mutual violence occurs when both parties attempt to maintain
control over each other. Both parties may be verbally and physically abusive.
2. Five behaviors that are commonly used to alienate a child from the other parent include
Excessive litigation, lying to the child(ren), making false allegations, obstructing regular visits and
Obstructing the other parents involvement with the child in the child's life and activities (Siegel &
Langford, 1998). When a parent engages in excessive litigation, decisions about custodial rights and ...

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