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Criminology, Law, Deviance and Punishment


Im doing a paper on homelessness and narrowed it down as subject is so broad. I want to do it on homeless veterans. Need help with a thesis and outline and structure.

Burden Distribution of Social Issues

How are the burdens of pollution, waste disposal, and resource extraction distributed equally distributed among racial, ethnic, and class in America?

Social Problem

What social issues does food deserts produce around the country?

U.S. intervention in another country

Part I: Do you think that the United States has the right to intervene in another country to protect our economic or political interests? Under what conditions is intervention justified? Explain. Part II: Do you think that other countries have the right to intervene in the United States to protect their economic or politic

The Causes and Effects of Ethnocentrism

Please provide help with an assignment on the causes and effects of ethnocentrism. Be sure to include a definition of ethnocentrism and a look at the origins of the term. Thank you.

Social Problems of the Elderly

What are the difficulties in combatting the social problems facing the elderly - namely, abuse and discrimination? What sociocultural factors contribute to these issues? What are the personal, professional, and ethical implications of these social issues on society?

Social Issue

Explain the major factors or historical foundation that contributed to making the selected abortion important for sociological consideration. Describe how society defines abortion describe the social category or who are affected by abortion Two ways of attempting to improve abortion Discuss how society has changed ov

Military vs Civilian form of government

1. Why do most political sciences have a negative view of military rule in the LDCs? Under what circumstances, if any, might military government be a good thing for the country? 2. Discuss why you think the Armed Forces of developed countries such as the United States or Canada does not attempt military coups. 3. Where ha

What are four environmental forces that promote social change?

Social change can take many forms, and can be initiated by many environmental forces. For example, the current ââ?¬Å"revolutionââ?¬Â? in social media and web 2.0 (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) was significantly initiated by technological advances in our environment. What are four environmental forces that promote s

Methods of Researching Violence Against Women

- What are some potential methods of researching violence against women? - Specifically, what are ways in which violence against women could be studied using interpretative and critical frameworks? - What would you change and why? - What different types of information would you likely obtain using this research process?

Slavery in a Sociological Perspective

Please help with the following problem regarding slavery in a sociological perspective. I need help to fully explain how tradition plays a part in keeping people in slavery. Please use references from Sociology Manual and other credible sources such as New York Times, Times, Newsweek, Society, Psychology Today, etc.

Life chances: an overview

Explain how an individual's ascribed social class position at birth may affect what Max Weber called life chances, or the ability of an individual to attain the following "good things" that a society values: - good health care - longevity - a good job - security - status - wealth - power - prestige Describe how life

Pros and cons of diversity training by internal employees What are the advantages and disadvantages of having diversity training conducted by internal employees versus using an outside consultant? Which would you prefer? Reference: Lofhjelm, S. (2001, June 1). Workforce diversity training: from anti-discrimination compliance to organizational development., Retrieved from

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having diversity training conducted by internal employees versus using an outside consultant? Which would you prefer? Reference: Lofhjelm, S. (2001, June 1). Workforce diversity training: from anti-discrimination compliance to organizational development., Retriev

Please explain in plain text.

Proponents of environmental justice claim that racial minorities are disproportionally subjected to environmental hazards. Reflect on your views regarding environmental issues. Do you favor the economic factors over protection of the environment? Why or why not? Would you be willing to house a chemical or nuclear waste repositor

Social inequality is briefly examined.

Sociologist Herbert Gans has used the functionalist perspective to explain and analyze the existence of social inequality and poverty. According to Gans, the poor, and poverty in general, serve a variety of positive functions for society. Analyze Gansâ?? perspective, sharing your reflections on whether you agree or disagree wit

The government's immigration policies

Please help answer the following question. Should US government policy favor certain kinds of immigrants? Should preference be given to the neediest applicants? The most talented? The most oppressed? The richest? Should applicants from certain countries be given priority? Why or why not?

Groups and Identity Formation, Culture, Subculture Discussion

I need help with the following topic: Using the sociological terms and concepts from the current and past chapters and at least one of the three major sociological theories (conflict, functionalist, or interactionist), analyze the hypothesis that groups are important to the development of an individual's sense of self and ide

Questions in Gender Studies & Civil Rights

1. Describe famous two types of sexual harassment. 2. Explain why women and men have different life expectancies. 3. How may homophobia result in hate crimes committed against heterosexuals? 4. Describe how student groups have been active in the gay liberation movement since the 1960s.

Social Issues

Describe a particular population segment. Examples of Population Segments Include: Adolescents Adults Children College Students Elderly LGBT Community Individuals and/or Families below the Poverty Line Prisoners (current and former) Wealthy Families Explain at least two social issu

Academic achievement gap

What are the reasons why children from low-income families tend to have lower levels of academic achievement than children from more affluent families? How does alternative certification work, and what are the benefits? What is the one drop of blood rule? Explain the difference between prejudice and discrimination

Four Patterns of Partner Violence Discussed in Mooney

Name and describe the four patterns of partner violence discussed in Mooney. What are the five behaviors that some parents use in an effort to alienate their children from the other parent? According to the structural-functionalist perspective, what are two ways in which crime is functional for society? What a

The Enron Scandal

What are your impressions of the Enron scandal? Use the following questions for discussion prompts: Does the government expect too much from company executives? What are the ethical consideration of the case and verdict? Was justice served? for defendants for stakeholders (victims) for


Are there resources available for the group affected by GANG violence? How is this violence addressed and solved in individual cases? What can be done to reduce this type of violence?

family weakening

Many experts cite the weakening of the family as one of the causes for some of the problems that society faces today. Do you agree? Discuss the following as it relates to the following Since 1960, what are some important or significant changes in families? What factors are responsible for this change? In general,

Being unemployed is an interest to me.

According to sociologist, C. Wright Mills, people often believe that their private lives can only be explained in terms of their personal successes and failures. They fail to see the links between their own individual lives and the society around them. The process of interpreting your individual life in the context of your commu