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    Criminology, Law, Deviance and Punishment

    Blended Families

    In the modern world, few Americans grow up in the traditional nuclear family. The high divorce rate has lead to an increase of blended families in which one or both partners have children from previous relationships that will need to blend into the new family setting. Describe how the change in family structure has altered the c

    Sociological Reasons for Discrimination

    Describe the sociological reasons for gender, race, and age discrimination in American society. Explain whether these forces will diminish or become more prevalent in the near future.

    Ethics: The Hallmark of Leaders at All Levels

    In 400 to 600 words: Define ethical relativism. Which corrupt behavior did you choose? Is the corrupt behavior you identified considered normal behavior? If so, by whom? Does the fact that the behavior is or is not normal make it good or bad behavior? If the majority considered the corrupt behavior as

    Gender in advertising

    Some of these talking points are presented: Discuss gender issue in advertising. Why are advertising companies using gender to sell? Does sex sell? What do you make of the differences in their accounts of power and knowledge? Talk about a specific ads and explain how is gender used to sell.


    Thomas Friedman's book, The World Is Flat, argues in favor of what he calls "the theory of conflict prevention." Williams Duiker is not so sure about the trend toward globalization, saying that it may be offset by a simultaneous trend toward fragmentation. Which of these writers is correct and why?

    Non-verbal Communication & Social Issues Review

    Select a television program that you know contains social inequality or social class themes. Prepare a 750- to 1,250 word analysis of the program in which you complete the following: - Provide a brief introduction that includes the program's title, describes the type of program, and explains which social theme you are addres

    Health influences

    Demonstrate briefly how the sociological environment influences the physical and mental health of individuals. Include both the physical and social environment and write a synopsis of the influence.

    Globalizing Economy Labor Movement

    Since the economy is globalizing, wouldn't it make sense for labor movements to become global as well? For information on one international labor movement, go to the following website: http://www.union-network.org/ What are the advantages and disadvantages of a global labor movement? Go to the following website to check out a gr

    USA Intelligence

    Describe how U.S intelligence has developed since the passage of the National Security Act. What weaknesses were associated with U.S intelligence in light of the September 11, 2001 attacks? How has the authorization of the USA Patriot Act changed how the United States views terrorism?

    Islamic Youth

    What are some of the reasons for the recent rise of violence by Islamic youth in France? Use at least one internet source in addition to the text to answer this question.

    Global Terrorism

    Explain how a denial of service attack works. How and why are these attacks effective in their goals? Who would be the primary targets for these types of attacks?


    Define the concepts of information warfare and cyber-terrorism. Give some examples of information warfare and describe their capabilities in detail.


    Im doing a paper on homelessness and narrowed it down as subject is so broad. I want to do it on homeless veterans. Need help with a thesis and outline and structure.

    Burden Distribution of Social Issues

    How are the burdens of pollution, waste disposal, and resource extraction distributed equally distributed among racial, ethnic, and class in America?

    Social Problem

    What social issues does food deserts produce around the country?

    U.S. intervention in another country

    Part I: Do you think that the United States has the right to intervene in another country to protect our economic or political interests? Under what conditions is intervention justified? Explain. Part II: Do you think that other countries have the right to intervene in the United States to protect their economic or politic

    The Causes and Effects of Ethnocentrism

    Please provide help with an assignment on the causes and effects of ethnocentrism. Be sure to include a definition of ethnocentrism and a look at the origins of the term. Thank you.

    Social Problems of the Elderly

    What are the difficulties in combatting the social problems facing the elderly - namely, abuse and discrimination? What sociocultural factors contribute to these issues? What are the personal, professional, and ethical implications of these social issues on society?

    Social Issue

    Explain the major factors or historical foundation that contributed to making the selected abortion important for sociological consideration. Describe how society defines abortion describe the social category or who are affected by abortion Two ways of attempting to improve abortion Discuss how society has changed ov

    Military vs Civilian form of government

    1. Why do most political sciences have a negative view of military rule in the LDCs? Under what circumstances, if any, might military government be a good thing for the country? 2. Discuss why you think the Armed Forces of developed countries such as the United States or Canada does not attempt military coups. 3. Where ha

    What are four environmental forces that promote social change?

    Social change can take many forms, and can be initiated by many environmental forces. For example, the current ââ?¬Å"revolutionââ?¬Â? in social media and web 2.0 (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) was significantly initiated by technological advances in our environment. What are four environmental forces that promote s

    Methods of Researching Violence Against Women

    - What are some potential methods of researching violence against women? - Specifically, what are ways in which violence against women could be studied using interpretative and critical frameworks? - What would you change and why? - What different types of information would you likely obtain using this research process?

    Aging and Sociological Paradigms

    Analyze how the issue of aging is approached by the three major sociological paradigms. Which one is most important and state why.

    Slavery in a Sociological Perspective

    Please help with the following problem regarding slavery in a sociological perspective. I need help to fully explain how tradition plays a part in keeping people in slavery. Please use references from Sociology Manual and other credible sources such as New York Times, Times, Newsweek, Society, Psychology Today, etc.

    Life chances: an overview

    Explain how an individual's ascribed social class position at birth may affect what Max Weber called life chances, or the ability of an individual to attain the following "good things" that a society values: - good health care - longevity - a good job - security - status - wealth - power - prestige Describe how life

    Pros and cons of diversity training by internal employees What are the advantages and disadvantages of having diversity training conducted by internal employees versus using an outside consultant? Which would you prefer? Reference: Lofhjelm, S. (2001, June 1). Workforce diversity training: from anti-discrimination compliance to organizational development. Allbusiness.com, Retrieved from http://www.allbusiness.com/management/change-management/798839-1.html

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of having diversity training conducted by internal employees versus using an outside consultant? Which would you prefer? Reference: Lofhjelm, S. (2001, June 1). Workforce diversity training: from anti-discrimination compliance to organizational development. Allbusiness.com, Retriev