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Family and Social Problems

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Many experts cite the weakening of the family as one of the causes for some of the problems that society faces today. Do you agree? Discuss the following as it relates to the following

Since 1960, what are some important or significant changes in families? What factors are responsible for this change?
In general, are families becoming weaker or simply different? What evidence can you cite?
If you agree with the experts, what proposals do you have to strengthen the family?
If you disagree with experts, why?

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There have been many changes in the world, and not just to families. Costs and income have changed and the way we perceive all different types of people have changed. Families are different in many ways as well. Mothers work more often and often because they have to in the modern economic times, but many because they want to.

Families happen later for many couples who are building their careers first. It is now more common to see interracial and multi-ethnic families. So families are not all the same homogeneous groups anymore. Family divorce is now much more common, without the stigmatization, but with the same issues of family strife, reorientation to new lifestyles, ...

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