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    Ecomaps used in social work

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    What is an Ecomap and how are they implemented?

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    Question: What is an Ecomap and how are they implemented?

    Solution: Eco-maps are drawn from the systems theory and I can see why. It represents how the family is linked to other, larger systems whether formal or informal (McCormick, Stricklin, Nowak, & Rous, 2008). So, in essence it is a pretty good picture of micro, mezzo, and macro problems, which can then be dealt with on a social level. An eco-map is a diagram, for lack of a better term, of a family's environmental scheme. The eco-map "depicts family membership and relationships and can help individuals and families ...

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    This solution provides the student with a comprehensive overview of ecomaps used in social work. The explanation goes into concepts such as systems theory, behavior of family members, and the focus of human services professionals. In text citations are provided. It includes approximately 275 words and three scholarly references.